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Sounds of North Spirit Lake and the Community Sound[e]Scapes: Northern Ontario project

Webpage for the Community Sound [e]Scapes Project:Northern Ontario including Sounds of North Spirit Lake launches
Sounds of North Spirit Lake
See sound and video by students and visiting artists,hear Elder stories about sound in the community, and learn more about the project

Sachigo Lake First Nation Elder overcomes long-standing fear of water with their KIHS teacher

In June 1982, Martin McKay, the first chief of the newly formed Sachigo Lake First Nation, and one of the founders of the Windigo First Nations Council, said goodbye to his wife, Margaret, and went out for an evening boat ride. He never came back. Somehow, Martin drowned in the lake that evening leaving behind Margaret and 4 young sons.

KiHS Students Chosen to Attend Science Olympics at York University!

Six very excited KiHS students are preparing to attend the York University Engineering and Science Olympics on Tuesday May 6 of this year. These KiHS students have been chosen as representatives from First Nations schools in Remote First Nations communities in Ontario. They will leave their communities and fly to Toronto on May 3rd and back again on May 7th. They are busily preparing their strategies for competing with 70 other high school teams from all across Ontario. This is a great opportunity and a great honour for these students!

KiHS Staff participate in District Kekeenamawkayo Conference for First Nation teachers

KiHS staff participated in the Kekeenamawkayo 2008 Education Conference in Winnipeg from February 19th to 21st. The conference was an excellent opportunity to network with other professionals in education as well as a time to take participate in and take away some valuable skills that can be transferred readily into the classroom.

KiHS Secretary job opportunity available in Balmertown

KiHS Secretary Job Opportunity

Starting Date: Dec 4, 2006

Job Description and List of Duties - 2006/2007

The role of the KiHS Secretary is to help manage the day to day activities that occur in the KiHS program. The secretary will manage the communication that goes on within the KiHS program and make sure that those who need to be informed of what is happening are.

He/she will manage the data entry of the program and make sure that such is collected and organized timely to make the program run as per schedule. The secretary will ensure that the report cards are ready and printed at the middle and end of each term.

The secretary will also keep the office organized with respect to mail and supplies and help create and maintain a professional and confidential work environment.

The main duties of the KiHS Secretary are:

  • Manage Maplewood and Moodle and keep updated
  • Accept and process student applications in conjunction with the guidance counsellor and other admin staff if required
  • Keep in regular contact with each classroom teacher and/or classroom assistant to ensure they have what they need
  • Monitor and order supplies for office and classrooms
  • Work with KiHS office and program staff to ensure a smooth flow of information and efficiency
  • Make sure data entry is up to date and accurate
  • Monitor attendance
  • Receive, send , and sort mail
  • Make travel and professional development arrangements for staff and manage expense claims
  • Manage and print report card periods each term
  • Make sure information reports are sent to appropriate organizations
  • Organize data collection and such for student awards
  • Collect and organize KiHS staff timesheets
  • Take minutes at any KiHS meeting when needed
  • Answer phone and co-ordinate office and program communication
  • Other duties as assigned by principal

Please email or fax resumes and cover letter to:

Attention: Darrin Potter (KiHS Principal)


Fax: 807 735 3392

Keewaytinook Internet High School offers students choices to leaving family

Students in twelve First Nations are being offered a choice. Now students are able to stay at home with your family, attend high school, take accredited courses and learn new things online.

From KiHS web site at

KiHS Gearing up for 2006/2007 School Year!

On September 5th KiHS will be starting its sixth year of operation. Many changes have occurred over the past 6 years to ensure that the program is meeting the needs of the students being served. This year, there are new courses being added to give students more options to complete their Ontario diploma requirement. KiHS wants to give every opportunity to students in the north to continue towards success in their educational experience.

Online secondary education is taking off all across North America and KiHS has been a leader in developing a model which is working for students in our First Nation communities. KiHS is an online program which allows students to earn valuable secondary credits while remaining in their home community. Many feel this is very important in that it allows for direct community, parental, and cultural involvement at a natural and needed level. Students are earning valuable skills and adding to the rich technical base in their communities and in doing so getting closer to a high school diploma.

KiHS is starting this year in the community of Saugeen First Nation. Students there will now have access to high school programing in their community. Congratulations Saugeen joining the KiHS program.

If you would like any additional information regarding KiHS, please contact me at the administration office in Balmertown (at 1-800-387-3740 ext 1302). KiHS may be just the place you need to help you find a way to complete your credits for your Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Please continue to check out our website at and option sheet for this school year and if there are courses which could work for you, make sure you call for more information.

Darrin Potter
KiHS Principal

Deer Lake First Nation accepts ownership of new KiHS classroom and e-Centre facility

Langreen hands over keys to Chief Archie Meekis, for the new KiHS Classroom facility in Deer Lake.  Deer Lake KiHS has been teaching classes in the building since March 2005. The KiHS classroom and Community e-Centre were constructed as part of Keewaytinook Okimakanak's Kuhkenah Network of Smart First Nations demonstration project which was successfully completed in March 2005. For more information about the KO Smart Communities demonstration project visit


KiHS Classroom in North Spirit Lake

Langreen hands over keys to Chief Isaac Linklater, for the new KiHS Classroom in North Spirit Lake.  North Spirit Lake KiHS has been teaching classes in the building since November 2004. This building was constructed as part of Industry Canada's Aboriginal Smart Communities demonstration program which ended in March 2005.


KIHS Term 1B Begins on Monday, November 14, 2005


KiHS Begins Term 1B on Monday, Nov.14, 2005

On Monday, November 14, KiHS will begin it’s second term for the 2005-06 school year. KiHS is an Ontario Ministry of Education approved high school which allows students to stay in their community, attend regularly scheduled classes and earn credits towards an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). KiHS offers courses in grade 9 and 10 plus four grade 11 and 12 course for a total of 27 online courses. If you would like to learn more about KiHS or enroll in a course, please contact your local KiHS teacher or the KiHS Guidance Counselor, Lynda Kakepetum at 1-800-387-3740, Ext. 51313.

Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11

CGC1P – Geography of Canada
GLS10 – Learning Strategies
SNC1L – Applied Science

ASM20 – Media Arts
GLC20C – Cooperative Education

PPZ30 – Health for Life

Students can now register for the KiHS 2005/2006 school year courses in your community

KiHS is moving into its 6th year of operating!  There have been great strides made in the development of the program as it is ever changing to meet the needs of the students enrolled.  This year also brings new changes which will add to the delivery and diversity of what our communities need.

1.  KiHS is using a new platform this year called Moodle.  This allows for much more interaction and possibilities as we deliver online courses.

2.  KiHS is offering a selection of three grade 11 courses and a grade 12 English.  This will allow students who need that extra couple of core credits a chance to earn their OSSD.

3. The Vice Principal position is being moved to a northern community.  Freda Kenny, the KiHS VP will be working out of Keewaywin First Nation.

KiHS is giving students opportunity to earn valuable secondary credits while remaining in their home community.  Many feel this is very important in that it allows for direct community, parental, and cultural involvement at a natural and needed level.  Students are earning valuable skills and adding to the rich technical base in their communities and in doing so getting closer to a high school diploma.

If you would like to see our line up of courses this year, please visit the link here to see a copy of the application form and option sheet.  Maybe KiHS is just the place for you this year to pick up on your educational journey.

If you have any questions, please contact the KiHS office at the numbers provided.  KiHS will be starting classes in the partner communities on the 6th of September.  Come in a check things out.  We will work with your towards your continued success.

Darrin Potter
KiHS Principal

Tel Toll-free at 800 387-3740 Ex 51302 or 51298