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KiHS Begins 2003/2004 School Year With Classroom Assistant Training

Keewaytinook Internet High School (KiHS) started preparation for the 2003/2004 school year last week with a training session for Classroom Assistants(CAs) from 13 of our partner communities. Lyle Johnson from Weagamow and Aaron Hardy from Fort William facilitated the workshop at the Northern Chief’s office in Balmertown along with KiHS administration.

The Classroom Assistants are an integral part in the functioning and success of the KiHS program in each of the communities. At the training sessions they took part in cooperative sessions on how to set up and maintain the classroom network, how to trouble shoot software and hardware problems, as well as how to assist the students and teachers to ensure a successful year. Part of the training involved a video conference connection with k-net, the technical partner of KiHS. The week was very exciting as the CA staff prepared for the new school year and became better acquainted with the KiHS program, the equipment, and each other.

This week the CAs are back in their respective communities ensuring that the computer networks are in place and preparing the local classrooms for the arrival of the community teachers and the students.  There were 13 classroom assistants from different communities. The classroom assistants are:

  • Rita Wesley - Cat Lake;
  • James Rae - Deer Lake;
  • Rick Allen - Fort Hope;
  • Clara Crowe - Fort Severn;
  • Aaron Hardy - Fort William;
  • Andrea Ignace - Frenchman’s Head;
  • Maxine Kakepetum - Keewaywin;
  • Loretta Quoquat - Kejick Bay;
  • Lyle Johnson - North Caribou;
  • Maxine Kakegumick - North Spirit Lake;
  • Howard Moose - Poplar Hill;
  • Martha Tait - Sachigo Lake;
  • Tracey Spence - Webequie.

KiHS will begin its fourth year in September, and is fast becoming a strong educational presence in the partner communities. We are anticipating a great year with the help of all involved.

If you are interested in becoming a student in one of the KiHS partner Communities to earn secondary credits, please contact the CA in your community. They will be eager to assist you in completing an application and choosing courses.

Darrin Potter (KiHS Principal)

KO Supports Grade 8 Science On-line Supplemental Course

Fernando Oliveira, former KiHS teacher in Poplar Hill and Fort Severn during 2001-2002, worked with KiHS staff and the Grade 8 teachers and students in KiHS partner First Nations to develop and deliver a supplemental science curriculum course material using the KiHS e-learning platform.

The final report including student and teacher feedback about this program is now available on-line. The program proved so successful that plans are now being discussed to expand this service to include supplemental Mathematics and English curriculum material for Grade 8 students.

From the Background Summary in the Overview section of the report ...


Supplemental Grade Eight Science Program was a pilot program created by KiHS in partnership with The Smart Demonstration Project and a number of KiHS Partner Communities. The impetus for this program evolved out of the following rational:
Students entering high school in many northern communities are not adequately prepared in the core subjects, especially in Science.
  • Students become better equipped to handle the rigors of high school when they are exposed to the type of activities currently being taught within the KiHS e-learning environment.
  • Students who are exposed to the expectations of the high school system are better capable of making informed decisions about where to complete their grade 9 program.
  • As computers and the Internet play an increasingly important role in academic participation, students who are computer literate are better prepared to meet the academic challenges of high school, and that of the work force in general.
  • Literacy and numeracy among students can be strengthened through participation in an online program that supplements the core subject areas.
  • Innovative Teachers required for KiHS for 2003-2004 School Year

    Keewaytinook Internet High School (KiHS) invites applicants for the 2003/2004 school year. We will be looking for teachers to fill positions in Science, Math, and English.

    If you are looking for an innovative, cutting edge approach to education, KiHS may be the place for you. Our classrooms are located in 13 communities around Northwestern Ontario, most of which have only fly in accessability.

    The teacher will live in one of the 13 partner communities and tutor/mentor students while delivering two courses throughout the year to the remaining students in the other communities, using our web-based e-learning platform.

    If you are interested in applying or finding out more information, please email your resume to the following:

    KiHS Steering Committee Meets to Plan for community-based high school

    The KiHS Steering Committee met from March 24 - 27 at the Sunset Inn in Sioux Lookout to discuss the various issues facing KiHS. Community representatives from the 13 partner First Nations were invited to share their experiences and recommendations on a number of topics including:

    • local issues and successes;
    • student retention;
    • plans for 2003-2004 school year; and
    • the KiHS / INAC five year pilot project.

    Darrin Potter, KiHS Principal worked with Marlene McKay, KiHS Vice-Principal and Charlene Walsh, KiHS Secretary to facilitate this meeting. Representatives from each of the KiHS partner First Nations included:

    • Cat Lake - Sylvia Wesley
    • North Spirit Lake - Margaret Kakegamic
    • Fort Severn - Moses Kakekaspan
    • Slate Falls - Annette Loon
    • Fort William - Pam Collins
    • Frenchman’s Head - Albert LacSeul
    • Sachigo Lake - Theodore Tait
    • Keewaywin - Chris Kakegamic
    • Webequie - Belinda Reid
    • Kejick Bay - Roy Ninegewance
    • Weagamow - Roy Sakchekapo
    • Eabametoong - Harry Papah
    • Deer Lake - Barbara Rae

    The roles and responsibilities of the KiHS Steering Committee are posted for everyone to know the work that is being undertaken by this team.

    KiHS Staff Presenting at Dreamcatching 2003 Conference

    Two KiHS staff are travelling to Montreal to conduct four 2.5 hour workshops with teachers attending this year's Dream Catching 2003: Professional Math and Science Workshops for Teachers of Aboriginal Students Conference. The workshop session lead by Marlene McKay, KiHS Vice Principal and Jeremy Snihur, teacher in Cat Lake First Nation, is providing participants with an orientation to KiHS, the classrooms, the teachers, the students and the communities. As well, workshop participants are going on-line and using the various tools available to KiHS students to complete their high school courses.

    The conference is hosted by Concordia University's Native Access to Engineering Program. Marlene and Jeremy's workshop description is:

    "Attendees of this workshop will receive an introduction to Keewaytinook Internet High School (KiHS) as an instructor and as a student. We will discuss various IT teaching strategies when working with First Nations students. Those attending this workshop will participate in completing activities in Math and Science/Technology for secondary students with the main focus of using the Internet as a learning tool. The workshop will also provide attendees with Internet resources in the area of Math and Science/Technology for secondary students."

    The presentation includes a slide show presentation about the students, the communities, the classrooms, the teachers and KiHS

    KiHS Planning Workshop in Winnipeg

    The KiHS teachers and administration attended a plenary workshop in Winnipeg last week.

    The focus of these sessions was to work on developing the virtual high school into an even more dynamic and successful program in the 13 communities in its partnership agreements. Those in attendance participated to come up with concrete suggestions and a plan to address some of the issues facing Aboriginal Education as brought up by the Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs in his National Working Group on Education Report ( released last week.

    The week started with a keynote address by Richard Morris, director of Education at Lac Seul First Nation. He gave the staff a good background on some of the issues relating to Aboriginal Students and why we face certain challenges. He gave a very informative briefing of some of the experiences related to the residential school system and how we need to approach things with that knowledge. The session ended with a question and answer period. The staff found the session very valuable and went away with insight that will be a benefit to their community classroom.

    The week continued with sessions that were presented by the staff. The sessions started with a short discussion of the issue and how it was a challenge in our communities. Then we broke into groups of three and brain stormed ways that we could address these issues and challenges. After the brainstorming the large group reformed and evaluated the suggestions. We ended up with a list of ideas that could work at making the deliverables, that KiHS has determined necessary for the program, a reality. The information that came from these sessions is very valuable to the program and should provide an improved delivery.

    Some of the topics discussed were:

    • Student Attendance
    • Parental and Community Involvement
    • Student Enrollment and Recruitment
    • KiHS and Local School Relationship
    • Communication within KiHS
    • Student Achievement
    • Teacher-Student Rapport and its influence on Student Achievement
    • Interactive Lessons
    • Course Development/Aboriginal Culture and Curriculum
    • Ministry of Education Expectations of Private Schools
    • Staff Retention
    • Role of the Classroom Assistant
    • Mentor Roles

    Each of these topics generated suggestions that will be used by KiHS to further develop its program and delivery. The aim of KiHS is to provide the students, who choose to remain at home to earn Ontario Secondary School Diploma credits, a rich and varied experience that will be invaluable to their future success.

    The future looks bright at KiHS and we want our students to shine.

    INAC Minister Robert Nault commits funding support for KiHS

    Yesterday, during the Chiefs of Keewaytinook Okimakanak meeting in Winnipeg, the Honourable Robert Nault, Minister of INAC, made a five year commitment to support the o­ngoing operation of KiHS based o­n its present operational level of thirteen First Nation classrooms delivering grade 9 and 10 courses.

    Minister Nault recognized the importance of making "a long term commitment to developing quality and successful community based educational programs and support services in First Nations." As part of this announcement, Minister Nault also wants to see the development a five-year workplan that will include improvements to attendance, successful course completion and outcomes, program evaluation, student support systems among other areas.

    Keewaytinook Okimakanak established the Keewaytinook Internet High School (KiHS) in 1999 to begin addressing many of the educational gaps and challenges facing First Nation students who use to have to leave their homes and communities to attend high school. Today, KiHS has now obtained the support it requires to provide students, parents, teachers, staff and partner First Nations with the assurances they require to feel secure in making long term plans for developing this resource for the young people in their communities.

    As o­ne of the deliverables under the Kuh-ke-nah Network of Smart First Nations Demonstration project, KiHS is supporting the o­n-going development and operation of community broadband networks in each of the participating First Nations. This five year commitment will ensure that the proper support systems are established to ensure students, parents, teachers and communities are able to receive a quality and successful high school education program.

    Check out the pictures of this meeting and some of the o­n-line discussions about this event.

    Fort William First Nation...Open House!


    Fort William First Nation had it's open house o­n September 20, 2002. Initially things were slow, but picked up in mid afternoon. We had about 15 people from around the community come and check out our site. A few showed interest in enrollment into the program, so, hopefully we will have some more new faces around the KiHS center here in FWFN. We have a picture of the school attached. Come and visit us anytime!

    Thank you for your time...

    Teacher/Mentor...Craig H
    Classroom Technician...Aaron H
    Aaron B., Luke B. Andrew P., Kara P., Coty K., Joseph C., Trevor W., Nathan M., Jesse B., George S., Rob M., Summer B., Jamie B., Brenda H., Terry L., Lyle P., Sara G., Lucas S...and more to come!!! happy and smile

    KiHS celebrates its grade 9 graduation June 19

    Keewaytinook Internet High School students were glued to their computers on Wednesday, Junr 19, awaiting the announcement of who had received awards for the 2001-2002 school year. Students in all six partner communities benefitted from the online announcement. See for all the award winners. Applications are being accepted for the fall for grade 9 and 10 students in the following KiHS Partner Communities: Cat Lake Deer Lake Fort Severn Fort William Frenchman's Head Keewaywin Kejick Bay North Cariboo North Spirit Sachigo Slate Falls Webequie Applications are on line at

    First Nations Library Conference in Sudbury

    Here's are some pictures of the scenery on my way to the Ontario First Nations Library conference I attended on May 21 to 24 in Sudbury. The topics included how to run a library, how to adovate the library and it's primary resources. Check out the pictures