KiHS Secretary job opportunity available in Balmertown

KiHS Secretary Job Opportunity

Starting Date: Dec 4, 2006

Job Description and List of Duties - 2006/2007

The role of the KiHS Secretary is to help manage the day to day activities that occur in the KiHS program. The secretary will manage the communication that goes on within the KiHS program and make sure that those who need to be informed of what is happening are.

He/she will manage the data entry of the program and make sure that such is collected and organized timely to make the program run as per schedule. The secretary will ensure that the report cards are ready and printed at the middle and end of each term.

The secretary will also keep the office organized with respect to mail and supplies and help create and maintain a professional and confidential work environment.

The main duties of the KiHS Secretary are:

  • Manage Maplewood and Moodle and keep updated
  • Accept and process student applications in conjunction with the guidance counsellor and other admin staff if required
  • Keep in regular contact with each classroom teacher and/or classroom assistant to ensure they have what they need
  • Monitor and order supplies for office and classrooms
  • Work with KiHS office and program staff to ensure a smooth flow of information and efficiency
  • Make sure data entry is up to date and accurate
  • Monitor attendance
  • Receive, send , and sort mail
  • Make travel and professional development arrangements for staff and manage expense claims
  • Manage and print report card periods each term
  • Make sure information reports are sent to appropriate organizations
  • Organize data collection and such for student awards
  • Collect and organize KiHS staff timesheets
  • Take minutes at any KiHS meeting when needed
  • Answer phone and co-ordinate office and program communication
  • Other duties as assigned by principal

Please email or fax resumes and cover letter to:

Attention: Darrin Potter (KiHS Principal)


Fax: 807 735 3392