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KiHS 2004/2005 Student Awards

Congratulations to the students at KiHS who are finishing the last day of classes today for the 2004/2005 school year.  Students are also receiving recognitian for their efforts in an online awards ceremony.  Click here to view the awards page.

Hard work does pay off and students at KiHS have been able to earn valuable high school credits towards their high school diploma while remaining in their home communities.

Please check out our website at to see what is planned for next year.  For the 2004/2005 school year we are offering a limited number of courses in Math and English in grade 11 and 12.  If you would like to sign up for a course, please contact the office at the numbers shown on our site. 

From all the staff and students at KiHS, have a safe and enjoyable summer break!

KiHS information video available on-line

The latest video to join the growing collection of material that is being posted by Keewaytinook Okimakanak is the information video about the Keewaytinook Internet High School ( Cal Kenny worked with the KiHS team to gather the video material and put together this 4 minute production.

Click here to check out the KiHS introductory video that shows how the program is set up to provide First Nation families with choices that they never had before.

Another video production about education and the use of ICTs in remote the Keewaytinook Okimakanak First Nations can be seen at Another production was created for the "Harnessing ICTs in Remote First Nations" and can be found at

"Building Into the Future" - KiHS team meets in Sioux Lookout

Building into the Future

The theme for the meeting in Sioux Lookout, “Building into the Future”, was chosen to reflect the rich and cutting edge experience KiHS students and staff enjoy. This past week the KiHS staff and Steering Committees met in Sioux Lookout to discuss ideas that will make KiHS an even better program for the students and the communities in the future. Having the administration, teachers, classroom assistants as well as the Steering Committee members from the different communities work together towards finding ways to make KiHS an even more dynamic program was a rewarding experience for all.

Please go to the photo gallery at  for some great pictures of the Steering Committee and staff.  Click here

Some of the ideas that were discussed had to do with greater interactivity between the teacher of a course and the students taking the course. We all know that it is very important that students and teachers be given the greatest possible access to each other. It is amazing how many more things can be done with computer technology now than a mere 4 years ago when KiHS first began. We are all determined to incorporating more of this exciting new technology into our courses and the KiHS program. The KiHS principal, Darrin Potter and vice-principal, Freda Kenny have been researching a number of different on-line platforms that will provide all of us in the KiHS community with more interactivity. We were all introduced to a couple of these programs to see how they worked and whether KiHS could utilize them effectively. 

Having the teachers and students see one another over a web-camera while being able to talk to one another live was one option that was discussed and which everyone felt would be a great idea for staff and students. We all agreed that working together is the key to success for the students and the KiHS program and are committed to finding more ways for this to happen. The week gave all who attended a lot to think about and a number of really interesting ideas were brought up and discussed such as the following:

  1. Better communication throughout the program between all members of the KiHS community.

  2. A land-based/ traditional component with community participation. Perhaps a few days in the bush with guides/elders from the community.

  3. Wider use of available technology in all courses.

  4. Closer working relationships with the community Steering Committee.

  5. Ensuring a better understanding of KiHS in the communities. The credits are the exact same as credits earned outside of the community and are transferable.

  6. Expansion of the existing KiHS program with alternative community partnerships to better meet the diverse community needs.

More of these ideas will be written about in the KiHS newspaper which will be on-line March 1st, 2005 so you can “READ ALL ABOUT IT “ at that time!!

e-Learning issue of Canada Connects magazine contains KiHS story

The next issue of the Canada Connects magazine, scheduled to be available in early February, contains a two page spread about the Keewaytinook Internet High School (KiHS). This issue is dedicated to e-Learning stories from across Canada.

The main KiHS article is entitled "A Spark that Lights the Fire -- Keewaytinook Internet High School, an innovation in education that contains lessons for us all" and is available on-line. Click here to read this article.

A second article at the bottom of the same web site contains a brief history about KiHS and acknowledges the different funding partners who worked with Keewaytinook Okimakanak to create this innovative internet high school that is designed and managed by the First Nations it serves. These funding partners include the First Nations participating in KiHS, Industry Canada's FedNor, Smart Communities and First Nations SchoolNet programs with ongoing operational funding coming from Indian and Northern Affairs Canada.

Finally, a noted visionary and special grandmother of KiHS is recognized in this magazine a one of Canada Connects eLearning Visionaries. Read the on-line story about how Margaret Fiddler, of Sandy Lake First Nation, understand e-learning as it affects First Nations.

Michikan Lake community member writes about KiHS in Wawatay

A guest editorial written by a Bearskin Lake resident reflects on how the internet and the internet high school is supporting young people in his community. Joe Beardy brings a community perspective to what the Internet and KiHS is offering for First Nations across the region.
Check out the Joe's editorial at:

KIHS hosts two day workshop in Balmertown about e-Learning Platforms

An e-learning planning workshop was hosted by the Keewaytinook Internet High School in Balmertown, ON on November 29 and 20. Click here to see the agenda that documents the activities for this two day event. Participants from La Ronge in northern Saskatchewan (the Masinahikana School), the Bella Bella school in British Columbia and from the KO Research Institute in Thunder Bay joined the gathering in Balmertown via video conference during scheduled times in the agenda. The workshop was sponsored by Industry Canada's First Nations SchoolNet program.

This initial workshop is intended to lead to more on-line activities and the development of e-learning resources that First Nation schools and learners can utilize and benefit from. Thanks to Fernando Oliveira (the on-line Grade 8 Supplementary Course instructor and coordinator - and Darrin Potter (principal of the Keewaytinook Internet High School - for putting this initial meeting together.

The video conferenced portions of the workshop are now available at and select the E-Learning Workshop sessions.

Everyone is invited to share this information with others who they think would be interested in joining this new network of First Nation organizations and communities working to develop on-line learning resources with First Nation schools and students. Further updates and developments will be posted along with the results of this initial meeting on the http://FirstNationSchools.Ca web site along with strategies for supporting others to join in these development and planning efforts.

Closson Study for developing a Regional Health Care Service Plan for Northwestern Ontario

A Study of the Role of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre and the Development of a Regional Service Plan for Northwestern Ontario (

Tom Closson was appointed Special Advisor by the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, the Honourable George Smitherman. As Chair of the Steering Committee overseeing this study, Mr. Closson welcomes your input to this study that is preparing a Regional Service Plan for Northwestern Ontario. The terms of reference for this study can be found at

Your interest and comments in the issue of access to tertiary services for the residents of Northwestern Ontario are being sought. As part of gathering input into A Study of the Role of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre and the Development of a Regional Service Plan for Northwestern Ontario, you can provide your comments via e-mail to (Subject line: Feedback).

From the web site:

You have the opportunity to outline the problems, as you see them, via e-mail. Also, we are interested in learning about the solutions you feel are available or any other advice you may wish to offer. Limit your remarks to the biggest three issues that, if resolved, would have the greatest impact for the most people in your community. Your ideas about how to solve the issues are most important to the committee.

There are several opportunities for your participation. First, there have been consultation sessions with various community leaders and stakeholders. Secondly, through an in-depth interview process, the Hay Group consultants will seek input from Northwestern Ontario residents. And thirdly, by submitting your comments via e-mail on this web site, you can participate in this study.

The final product will be developed from all of the work that has been done to date in Northwestern Ontario. The Minister will receive a framework for action and feasible recommendations for a regional health plan for Northwestern Ontario. The role of Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre will be described in that plan, and then, it will be up to the health care providers in Northwestern Ontario, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, and the communities of Northwestern Ontario to implement the plan.

KiHS Orientation Week in Balmertown

KiHS began the 2004/2005 school year with a week of training in Balmertown with new and returning KiHS teachers. This orientation week was an intense but enjoyable week where valuable skills were sharpened and support established for the staff and students in the 13 KiHS Partner Communities.

It was great to be able to use the new Keewaytinook Okimakanak Centre of Excellence in Balmertown to deliver the training.  The building is home KO’s Telehealth program as well as KiHS. This building resulted from contributions made by Industry Canada through the SMART communities project. Click here to see some pictures of the session.

This year Bearskin Lake joins the KiHS program and we anticipate a great successful year there as we deliver the grade 9 program and also grade 10 courses to those interested.

The staff are from all parts of the country and are excited about the experiences that they are anticipating as they travel to the communities. They are also expecting to learn much from the people there as they help guide students to success.

During the week, training sessions focused on the following:

  • Ministry of Education requirements and expectations that were presented in a teleconference session with the District Manager of the Ministry of Education in Thunder Bay, Carlana Lindeman.
  • Training from Brian Beaton, John Moreau, and Jamie Rae of knet services in Sioux Lookout on the use of the technology that will be used such as videoconferencing equipment, IP telephones, network setup and maintenance, troubleshooting of common problems, software training, and much more.
  • A session via video conference with Cal Kenny on the use and editing functions of digital video cameras.
  • Training on the use of the KiHS e-learning platform, ZED, on how to migrate courses from traditional curriculum documents to online delivery while maintaining standards of excellence.
  • and a whole lot more....

We are expecting a great year as applications continue to come from the Northern communities. This year we have a great selection of courses to better meet the needs of students with a new timing schedule for the terms as well.

If you are interested in taking a course at KiHS this year, please look at our website at and contact us at the Balmertown office. We would love to help you decide how to earn the credits that you need to complete your OSSD while remaining in your home community.

Darrin Potter

KiHS Principal

Proposed New Internet High School for Treaty 3 region

Education organizations in the Treaty Three area are exploring the possibility of establishing an Internet high school inspired by KiHS ... the successful KO community-based high school model.

The initiative is being lead by Denise Bluebird, the education advisor for Anishinaabeg of Kabapikotawangag Resource Council. AKRC was one of KO's partners in the video conferencing pilot project last year as part of Industry Canada's First Nation SchoolNet program. They hosted one of the First Nations SchoolNet web site construction workshops at their office on Northwest Angle 39 First Nation near Sioux Narrows.

Dan Bird of Seven Generations at Couchiching First Nation near Fort Frances is working with Darlene on exploring this potential development. To get started, KO provided Denise with a copy of the original KiHS proposal and will host a video conference with participants from KO, AKRC and other interested parties.

If you are interested, contact Denise at 1-807-226-4445 ext. 235 or 1-888-436-1993 toll free... Her email address is:

Watch this page for the latest developments!

2004-05 Course Registration at KiHS

KiHS is getting ready for another successful year by offering high school credit courses to students in northern Ontario. For anyone in our 13 partner communities, who is planning to enroll in high school this September, the courses being offered in Term 1A at KiHS are shown below.

If you're interested in registering, please contact your local KiHS Steering Committee member, your Local Education Authority or call (toll free) 1-800-387-3740, Ext. 51298 or 51313 or 51302.

We look forward to seeing you on-line in September.




AVI10 – Visual Arts

MAT14 – Essential Mathematics

ENG14 – Essential English

TGJ20 – Communications Technology

SNC2P – Applied Science

GLC20/CHV20 – Career Studies/ Civics