Students can now register for the KiHS 2005/2006 school year courses in your community

KiHS is moving into its 6th year of operating!  There have been great strides made in the development of the program as it is ever changing to meet the needs of the students enrolled.  This year also brings new changes which will add to the delivery and diversity of what our communities need.

1.  KiHS is using a new platform this year called Moodle.  This allows for much more interaction and possibilities as we deliver online courses.

2.  KiHS is offering a selection of three grade 11 courses and a grade 12 English.  This will allow students who need that extra couple of core credits a chance to earn their OSSD.

3. The Vice Principal position is being moved to a northern community.  Freda Kenny, the KiHS VP will be working out of Keewaywin First Nation.

KiHS is giving students opportunity to earn valuable secondary credits while remaining in their home community.  Many feel this is very important in that it allows for direct community, parental, and cultural involvement at a natural and needed level.  Students are earning valuable skills and adding to the rich technical base in their communities and in doing so getting closer to a high school diploma.

If you would like to see our line up of courses this year, please visit the link here to see a copy of the application form and option sheet.  Maybe KiHS is just the place for you this year to pick up on your educational journey.

If you have any questions, please contact the KiHS office at the numbers provided.  KiHS will be starting classes in the partner communities on the 6th of September.  Come in a check things out.  We will work with your towards your continued success.

Darrin Potter
KiHS Principal

Tel Toll-free at 800 387-3740 Ex 51302 or 51298