KiHS Staff participate in District Kekeenamawkayo Conference for First Nation teachers

KiHS staff participated in the Kekeenamawkayo 2008 Education Conference in Winnipeg from February 19th to 21st. The conference was an excellent opportunity to network with other professionals in education as well as a time to take participate in and take away some valuable skills that can be transferred readily into the classroom.

KiHS staff were asked to host sessions that would help develop some basis ICT technical skills in programs that can be readily used in the classroom. First Nations SchoolNet supported these sessions by providing the K-Net mobile lab as well as technical support for the sessions. 

Kevin Dempsey presented a session on Thursday afternoon to interested participants titled, Technology in the Classroom: An introduction to Photoshop and Macromedia Flash. This session gave participants the skills to develop simple animations for lessons or to pass on to their students. The session was packed to overflowing and participants were very enthusiastic to learn more skills as they developed their own simple animation.

Linda Johnson presented a session on Thursday morning titled, Digital Storytelling: An Introduction to Windows Movie maker and Photo Story. This session was also full as participants learned how to combine pictures, video, and programming to produce a very creative presentation. Those who were involved were able to use personal photos and the skills presented by Linda to develop a very interesting slide show presentation which again could be integrated into many classroom projects.

As KiHS develops its programs,we are very interested in sharing and working with other schools and educators to ensure the students in our area are getting what they deserve. KiHS will also be participating in the Matawa First Nations Education conference on March 4th to 6th in Thunder Bay and will be doing a repeat of the sessions.