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Whitefish River First Nation Partners with Solar Company for Meaningful Employment and 51% Ownership

Northern Ontario Business

By: Lindsay Kelly

A new partnership between Helios Developments and Whitefish River First Nation is providing training opportunities, employment and prosperity for the community within the renewable energy sector.

Launched June 3, Helios Whitefish River First Nation is an offshoot of Helios Developments, the Espanola-based company that manufactures its own solar energy components, installs the systems, and undertakes research and development on new technology.

Administrative Assistant 7-Month Contract

2 Summer Student Positions at KO Thunder Bay

The 2 student placements will work together to coordinate online Lands and Resources workshops and complete project reports. The interns are to maintain a training website and support video conferencing workshops. These positions are training and work experience programs funded in part by HRSDC.

Northern Agent- Muskrat Dam, ON

Scheduling Office Assistant