Keewaywin Annual Pickerel Derby

August 19 & 20, 2005

$10,000.00 in prizes

Registration fee $75.00 by August 12, 2005

$100.00 after August 12, 2005

Keewaywin House Of Prayer For All Nations Youth Rally 2005

          Keewaywin Youth Rally 2005

June 17, 18 & 19, 2005

Guest Speaker:   Marty McLean & Rose McLean (Thunder) of Winnipeg, MB

Guest Musicians:  Ivan & Vanessa Sawan of Alberta

For more info, Contact Pastor David Fiddler 807  771 1328


Pauline Kakegamic 807  771 1014

Keewaywin Band's Christmas Feast

Keewaywin First Nation will be having thier band feast o­n Monday, December 23rd, 2002. All are welcome to come and join in the festivities.  Keewaywin has already started all their Christmas staff dinners. 

The community members are already  setting up their own Christmas feasts where all commmunity members are invited to join.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Be Safe!!


Keewaywin Internet high school begins

Keewaywin's Smart team members went over to the KiHS site to welcome our new Internet high school teacher Mandy Fry who hails from North Bay. From the looks of things she is getting some great support from the students, Keewaywin school staff and community members. Fourteen students started classes this past Tuesday. I believe there are a couple of more students that will be registering at our Internet High School. See pictures of the KiHS classroom and the group photo of students here.

Aggie Dunsford's Memorial Feast

Aggie Dunsfords Memorial Feast - Monday July 29, 2002. Many things were planned for that day. Breakfast was served at 8 a.m. in memory of Aggie Dunsford. There was a feast in the evening along with a Jamboree. In order for all this to happen, family members did a lot of fund-raising for this special occasion. Many community members helped out with the cooking. Brenda Dunsford (daughter of Aggie) was worried that there wouldn’t be enough food, though there was a lot of stuffed and happy people that left the feast. The Canoe-a-thon they planned was cancelled due to the evacuations but, they will be canoeing to Sandy Lake and the money that they raise will be donated to the Diabetes program. Family members would like to extend a BIG thank to: * the Northern store for their donations, * Wild Country for bringing their food, * to the Jamboree committee, Lloyd and Atoria Kakepetum, Nancy Kakepetum, and all the people that helped cook. Click Here to view pictures.

Keewaywin Community's Evacuation

Yesterday heavy smoke from nearby forest fires descended on our community. The smell of burning wood was everywhere. You could see the smoke hanging in the air as it descended down. The elderly, babies, prenatals and others with health and breathing problems were the first to be evacuated. During the afternoon MNR made a couple of trips to the fire sites to investigate how the fire was developing. The Chief and Council waited for word of the evacuation procedures that were required to take place. At the same time they put the whole community on evacuation alert. It was during the evening when the fax came in for the go ahead to start with the community evacuation. There were only forty seats available on the first plane and there are 80 names on the list. Our Crisis team went on full alert and helped with picking out the people who should go first. The Chief and Council were there to help out with the evacuation proceedings too. The other half of the group on the list have to wait until today to get evacuated. The people left last night around midnight and were taken to the town of Sioux Lookout. Facilities have been set up in the Sioux Lookout Arena. For more information you can call the Keewaywin band office at 807-771-1210. Click here for photos

K.O's Les Meekis visits Keewaywin e-centre

Les Meekis was on hand to give a presentation to the Smart team and summer student staff members at the local e-center about the household and business/organization surveys that were completed last year. Plans are now underway to conduct similar surveys this summer across the community. We wanted to make sure that the explanations are clear and accurate and to discuss what needs to be changed or added into the survey tools. We need clear terminology in order to explain things in oji-cree, for example what a computer is or what a hub and modems are and what they do. When doing surveys we have to be able to discuss the survey and explain it to the elders who are living in the community. We went through the whole survey and discussed what was needed to be added and found that the survey needed to be changed a bit. When the survey first sarted there were no internet connections to the houses. Now that we have internet connections some of the wording will have to be changed to include the houses which are now connected into the community network. We were joined via teleconferencing by the Fort Severn e-centre staff to discuss the surveys and to exchange ideas and information on what changes needed to be made. We also discussed when making the surveys to include all the programs and businesses and organizations. See the photos from this meeting.

Keewaywin Hosts a Canoe-a-thon for Aggie Dunford's Memorial Feast.

On Tuesday, July 9, 2002 during an interview, Rita Meekis talked about the upcoming canoe-a-thon. Rita spoke about her fund raising efforts for her mother Aggie Dunsford’s memorial feast that is coming up on July 29th, 2202 and her drive to help in the awareness of the diabetes programs “I am trying to host a canoe-a-thon and hopefully it will be taking place the last week of July. I am planning to fund-raise for my mother Aggie Dunsford's memorial day and donate the other half of the money raised towards the diabetes program because diabetes is what took my mother away”. “I have about 12 volunteers already who will make the 12 hour one way trek between Sandy Lake and Keewaywin. We also have a lot relatives living in Sandy Lake, so they are more than willing to help us with this fund raising effort.. Lawrence Mason, Carrie Meekis, Danny Kakegamic, Derry Kakegamic, Lester Pascal, Luke Monias, Nancy Kakepetum, Edwin Meekis, Geraldine McKay and Simon Rae are already signed up as volunteers for the canoe-a-thon. They are busy taking pledges for the canoe-a-thon. For more information or if you want to make a donation for this important cause, contact Rita Meekis at the Keewaywin Clinic 771-1407 or email her at

Keewaywin E-Centre welcomes this year's summer students.

This year Keewaywin E-centre is proud to announce that we have been given four summer student to work with us. This year's summer students are Nathaniel Thompson, who will be assisting our community computer technician Blue Mason with the community network, cable installation, trouble shooting and all technical issues. Reggie Kakegamick will be assisting me with the K-net news stories and picture taking of up coming events. He has already posted his first story and put up corresponding pictures in the photo gallery. Carrie Kakepetum who was the Wawaytay Native Communications Society bursary award winner joined our Smart team this year. She will also be assisting me in collecting data and storing them on discs and will help in developing a community web page. Maxine Kakepetum another graduate will be attending Confederation College next fall. She is here to assist us with the Community Library and work with the e-center manager. Click here for pictures of the students.

Keewaywin's Healthy Babies Clinic, July 2002

Mothers, young and old, had a workshop about raising healthy babies. There were many mothers and their babies present. They had a great time talking about the old days and what they had to do before there were bottles and diapers. We had a chance to listen to the stories and experiences that these ladies lived through. Geraldine Mckay, a local elder, mother and wife to the Keewaywin Chief was talking about her experiences back then. She talked about how hard it was because there weren't any stores. The Hudsons Bay Company was just being built and there were no airport runways yet, so they could not fly anywhere and supplies had to be brought in by float planes. She also spoke about how important breast feeding was because it was hard to get milk back then. They had to drink fish broth to provide nutrients in the breast milk. They had to use cloth diapers and pick moss and use it for the baby diapers. It was a great afternoon for the parents and the children. People in attendance included: Geraldine Mckay, Liz McKay, Carrie Meekis, Berlinda Black, Miranda Black, Ina Kakegamic (elder) Jenny McKay and Kim Quill. Fresh bannock and coffee, and cake was served also. See the pictures