K.O's Les Meekis visits Keewaywin e-centre

Les Meekis was on hand to give a presentation to the Smart team and summer student staff members at the local e-center about the household and business/organization surveys that were completed last year. Plans are now underway to conduct similar surveys this summer across the community. We wanted to make sure that the explanations are clear and accurate and to discuss what needs to be changed or added into the survey tools. We need clear terminology in order to explain things in oji-cree, for example what a computer is or what a hub and modems are and what they do. When doing surveys we have to be able to discuss the survey and explain it to the elders who are living in the community. We went through the whole survey and discussed what was needed to be added and found that the survey needed to be changed a bit. When the survey first sarted there were no internet connections to the houses. Now that we have internet connections some of the wording will have to be changed to include the houses which are now connected into the community network. We were joined via teleconferencing by the Fort Severn e-centre staff to discuss the surveys and to exchange ideas and information on what changes needed to be made. We also discussed when making the surveys to include all the programs and businesses and organizations. See the photos from this meeting.