Aggie Dunsford's Memorial Feast

Aggie Dunsfords Memorial Feast - Monday July 29, 2002. Many things were planned for that day. Breakfast was served at 8 a.m. in memory of Aggie Dunsford. There was a feast in the evening along with a Jamboree. In order for all this to happen, family members did a lot of fund-raising for this special occasion. Many community members helped out with the cooking. Brenda Dunsford (daughter of Aggie) was worried that there wouldn’t be enough food, though there was a lot of stuffed and happy people that left the feast. The Canoe-a-thon they planned was cancelled due to the evacuations but, they will be canoeing to Sandy Lake and the money that they raise will be donated to the Diabetes program. Family members would like to extend a BIG thank to: * the Northern store for their donations, * Wild Country for bringing their food, * to the Jamboree committee, Lloyd and Atoria Kakepetum, Nancy Kakepetum, and all the people that helped cook. Click Here to view pictures.