Keewaywin Community's Evacuation

Yesterday heavy smoke from nearby forest fires descended on our community. The smell of burning wood was everywhere. You could see the smoke hanging in the air as it descended down. The elderly, babies, prenatals and others with health and breathing problems were the first to be evacuated. During the afternoon MNR made a couple of trips to the fire sites to investigate how the fire was developing. The Chief and Council waited for word of the evacuation procedures that were required to take place. At the same time they put the whole community on evacuation alert. It was during the evening when the fax came in for the go ahead to start with the community evacuation. There were only forty seats available on the first plane and there are 80 names on the list. Our Crisis team went on full alert and helped with picking out the people who should go first. The Chief and Council were there to help out with the evacuation proceedings too. The other half of the group on the list have to wait until today to get evacuated. The people left last night around midnight and were taken to the town of Sioux Lookout. Facilities have been set up in the Sioux Lookout Arena. For more information you can call the Keewaywin band office at 807-771-1210. Click here for photos