Keewaywin's Healthy Babies Clinic, July 2002

Mothers, young and old, had a workshop about raising healthy babies. There were many mothers and their babies present. They had a great time talking about the old days and what they had to do before there were bottles and diapers. We had a chance to listen to the stories and experiences that these ladies lived through. Geraldine Mckay, a local elder, mother and wife to the Keewaywin Chief was talking about her experiences back then. She talked about how hard it was because there weren't any stores. The Hudsons Bay Company was just being built and there were no airport runways yet, so they could not fly anywhere and supplies had to be brought in by float planes. She also spoke about how important breast feeding was because it was hard to get milk back then. They had to drink fish broth to provide nutrients in the breast milk. They had to use cloth diapers and pick moss and use it for the baby diapers. It was a great afternoon for the parents and the children. People in attendance included: Geraldine Mckay, Liz McKay, Carrie Meekis, Berlinda Black, Miranda Black, Ina Kakegamic (elder) Jenny McKay and Kim Quill. Fresh bannock and coffee, and cake was served also. See the pictures