Poplar Hill

18th Annual Men's Baseball Tournament in Poplar Hill First Nation

Poplar Hill First Nation Presents

18th Annual Mens Baseball Tournament

Poplar Hill First Nation 16th Annual Mens Fast Pitch Tournament

Poplar Hill First Nation 16th Annual Mens Fast Pitch Tournament

August 16-20, 2006

Travel Day-August 15, 2006

Entry Fee: $1500-Local Teams

$1000-Outside Teams

Open to 8 Outside Teams

4 Local Teams

*Trophys & Medallions will be awarded

Contact Person:

Mervin Owen-772-8838 or 772-9962

Ennis Strang-772-1112 or 772-8838

Zachariah Suggashie-772-8838 or 772-1170

Howard Moose-772-8838 or 772-8838

New chief and council elected in Poplar Hill First Nation

Poplar Hill First Nation elected a new chief on Friday, August 5 after for the former chief, Patrick Owen resigned at the end of July. 

Jacob Strang takes over the leadership role in Poplar Hill after being elected by his community membership. There were 5  people that ran for the position of chief.

The rest of the council include Elie Moose, Gary Owen, James Suggashie.

Poplar Hill 15th Annual Fast Pitch Baseball Tournament 2005

Poplar Hill First Nation

15th Annual Fast-Pitch Baseball Tournament 2005

Date: August 17 - 21 2005

Entry Fee:

Local Teams : $1,500.00

Outside Teams: $1,000.00


Inidividual Awards and Cash Prize

Accommodation  Will Be Provided

Provide your own Meal

For More Info Contact:

James Suggashie @ 807 772 8838

Jonnie Owen @ 807 772 8838

Bobby Moose @ 807 772 8805

Alec Strang @ 807 772 8865

Poplar Hill celebrates the Grand Opening of new Early Years Learning Centre

Hi to all the Northern Ontario communties that read the K-Net News. My name is Fabian Campbell and I'm the coordinator of the new Early Years Centre in Poplar Hill.

Over the last couple of months I have been working on setting up a centre for children ages 0-6 to have a place to visit and participate in story-telling as well as crafts and other organized activities. The new centre is also intended for the parents to become involved as well, sharing and volunteering.

I secured the former Poplar Hill K.I.H.S building and set it up for the new Early Years Learning Centre. All the supplies were ordered from wintergreen learning supplies.

I have also been visiting with parents to provide information for them about what the program is going to be doing.The program is will be  networking with other programs and workers that are already in place in most communities, such as HBHC and Pre-Natal.

I have been working closely with all frontline workers as well as the Chief and Council to get this project off the ground. I attended a training program in Thunder Bay with Yellow Quill college to become the local trainer. This was a one week training program and there were other coordinators from other communties that are developing a similar project in their communities.

I have some pictures of the grand opening that I want to share with everyone.

Lieutenant Governor visit to Poplar Hill First Nation

Today the community of Poplar Hill will be visited by the Ontario Lieutenant Governor. He will be travelling with the Nishnawbe Aski Nation Grand Chief Stan Beardy. They will be visiting the school as well as the band office. The visit should last a couple of hours. They will be meeting with the Chief and Council as well as the school board and the health unit. We are planning to provide them with a tour of Poplar Hill.

Poplar Hill celebrates the Grand Opening of the new Band Office

Community members from Poplar Hill First Nation are looking forward to the Grand Opening Ceremonies of their new band office on Friday, November 28. This new building replaces the former band office that was destroyed by fire in May 2003.

Everyone is invited to attend this celebration that starts at 1 p.m.

A feast will be held for everyone after the grand opening ceremonies.

For more information contact the band office staff at 807-772-8838.

Poplar Hill elects a new chief and council

Last week, elections for Chief and Council were held in Poplar Hill.

The new chief is Patrick Owen.

The elected council members include Eli Moose, Gary Owen and Martha Moose.

Band Office and Gym burn down in Poplar Hill

On May 27,2003 around 6 or 7 p.m. a fire destroyed our Band Office and Gymnasium. The school was saved just in time.

The Band Office was connected to the Gym. The Gym was connected to the school. As the fire was going through the Gym, the people worked to try and put the fire out. They had a bulldozer cut off the Gym from the school. This effort saved the school.

The local fire fighters helped along with the local people.

A helicopter came in and dropped some fire fighters off so they could help out too.

No one was hurt ... that was a good thing.

Everyone in the community watch as all this was happening.

We took some pictures of all this and posted them at http://photos.knet.ca/albun24.

Our community website can be seen at http://poplarhill.firstnation.ca

A Memorial Hockey Tournament is also in the air at Poplar Hill


  After a decade of silence, well not really silence but you get what I'm trying to say, we are pleased to announce a 2nd Annual Timothy Moose Memorial Hockey Tournament here in Poplar Hill.  The first annual Tournament was held in the year 1993, hosted by the brother of the late Timothy Moose.  This year may I add again, after a decade later, it will be the nephew of the late Timothy Moose along with two others, that will be hosting this event.  More review to follow...until then...ciao.

Poplar Hill Presents:

2nd Annual Timothy Moose

Memorial Hockey Tournament


Where:  Poplar Hill First Nation

When: January 24, 25, 26, 2003

Deadline to Enter: January 20, 2003

Travel Day: January 23, 2003

Entry Fee: $800.00

2 Local Teams, 6 outside Teams

Accomodations will be provided.

Bring your own sleeping gear.


Howard Moose: w-(807)772-8838 h-(807)772-9905 or 8865

Email: howardmoose@knet.ca

Kenny Quill: w-(807)772-8856 h-(807)772-9941

Jerry Owen: w-(807)772-1079 h-(807)772-1041

Poplar Hill By-Law must be Respected

(no alcohol or drugs allowed)