A Memorial Hockey Tournament is also in the air at Poplar Hill


  After a decade of silence, well not really silence but you get what I'm trying to say, we are pleased to announce a 2nd Annual Timothy Moose Memorial Hockey Tournament here in Poplar Hill.  The first annual Tournament was held in the year 1993, hosted by the brother of the late Timothy Moose.  This year may I add again, after a decade later, it will be the nephew of the late Timothy Moose along with two others, that will be hosting this event.  More review to follow...until then...ciao.

Poplar Hill Presents:

2nd Annual Timothy Moose

Memorial Hockey Tournament


Where:  Poplar Hill First Nation

When: January 24, 25, 26, 2003

Deadline to Enter: January 20, 2003

Travel Day: January 23, 2003

Entry Fee: $800.00

2 Local Teams, 6 outside Teams

Accomodations will be provided.

Bring your own sleeping gear.


Howard Moose: w-(807)772-8838 h-(807)772-9905 or 8865

Email: howardmoose@knet.ca

Kenny Quill: w-(807)772-8856 h-(807)772-9941

Jerry Owen: w-(807)772-1079 h-(807)772-1041

Poplar Hill By-Law must be Respected

(no alcohol or drugs allowed)