Poplar Hill

Volleyball is in the air at Poplar Hill ...set, spike, dive!

Invitational Co-ed Volleyball Tournament
February 13, 14, 15 & 16, 2003

Entry Fee: $300 per team
(2 females, 2 males)
8 outside teams, 4 local teams
Roster deadline: February 10, 2003
Accomodations will be provided.
Bring your own sleeping gear.

Howard Moose w: (807)772-8856
h: (807)772-8865 email: howardmoose@knet.ca

Robin Dunsford h: (807)772-1146 - 9am - 5pm
w: (807)772-8831 - 5pm - 10pm

Poplar Hill Band By-laws must be respected.
(No alcohol or drugs allowed)

Sending a big 'Thanks' to Pikangikum

There was a Co-ed Tournament held in our neighbouring reserve Pikangikum, Ontario on September 12-15, 2002. There were 10 teams playing for the: $1300.00 cash prize for 1st place $700.00 cash prize for 2nd place $500.00 cash prize for 3rd place The entry fee was $250.00 a team of 5 females and 4 males. Thanks to the Poplar Hill Band Office for paying our entry fee. We had to rush around on the Friday putting a team together because a couple of our players were backing out, with only 20 minutes until our plane landed(Wildcountry)...we called the radio asking for 3 females and 3 males to go, lucky for us we got a few calls so we left for the tournament, 3 ladies short. Thanks to Wildcountry for waiting for us at the airport the day we left, if they didn't wait we wouldn't have made it over to the tournament(smiles). When we arrived in Pikangikum the coordinators got 3 Pikangikum females to play for our team. So to thank our female players from Pikangikum: Samaria Suggashie, Tricia Strang and Betty Owen. Kiitchii Meegeetch!! On the Saturday 2 of our females players from Poplar Hill caught the noon flight to Pikangikum on Bearskin and flew over to play for our team. So we played the rest of the tournament with only one Pikangikum female, Betty Owen. Poplar Hill came home 1st place winners. Pikangikum Ninja Turtles came in 2nd. Pikangikum Terrorists came in 3rd. So...Thanks to the people who came to watch the games, the people who sold us food and drinks, and to the coordinators: Viola Pascal and Susan D. Strang who looked after our accommodations. Kiichii-Meegweetch!!

Poplar Hill Ladies mini softball Tournament

The ladies of Poplar Hill quickly organized a mini tournament over the weekend. It all worked out well with the guys out to the Deer Lake men's tournament.They had the baseball field to themselves. The weather was not too good on Saturday but the tournament still went on. A team from Manitoba came to challage our ladies (Paungassi Bomers), 3 local teams, Ladyhawks, Ladybugs and Thunderhearts. The team from Manitoba (Paungassi Bomers) took the first prize ($1200 cash prize) and the Ladyhawks came in second taking $800 cash prize.

Baseball Tournament in Poplar Hill.

Poplar Hill will host their 12th annual softball tournament in Poplar Hill on August 22 - 25, 2002. Entry fee is $800.00 per team. There will be 4 local teams and 4 outside teams. Come see our new ballfield, completely fenced in. Bring your own sleeping bags. No alcohol or drugs. Contact the following people at the band office during 9-5. Kenny Quill 772-8838 Phil Howe 772-8856 Alvin Owen 772-1112 Enos Strang772-1112 Schedule and rules to be given out later.

Science & Technology Day Camp Poplar Hill.

The Poplar Hill Science & Technology Day Camp was a success. It took place from July 15 to July18, 2002. On Monday, Curtis Lawson the project coordinator came in and we got started by having the participants do a on-line hunt for animals. On Tuesday, we went across the lake on a nature walk to collect plants. Two local elders joined the group to explain about the plants and how they used them long ago. On Wednesday, the youth watched videos about animals and their habitats. During the afternoon the MNDM regional geologist came in to provide information about the Canadian shield and different rock formations. He also showed a video and displayed the various rocks in his collection. On Thursday, the biologist from MNR was in to explain about all the different eco-systems. During the afternoon the youth visited the telehealth office. We closed the day off with some games. Check out the pictures at Pictures - Day 1 and Pictures - Day 2

Poplar Hill to host Science and Technology Camp starting July 15

Poplar Hill will host the Keewaytinook Okimakanak Science and Technology Camp next week (July 15-19, 2002).There will guest speakers from the MNR, 2 local elders and 3 staff members from the northern chiefs council. The camp will be 5 days in length and a maximum of 20 participicates from ages 8-18 are invited to join in this camp. A variety of activities are planned for the week. There will be plant, fish and animal identification sessions. Speakers from the MNR will talk about understanding the ecosystems and how they work including land and rock formations. Elements found in our areas and various rocks will be shown from the canadian shield. They will also explain management strategies for fish and animal habitats. The elders will help with the plant and animal identification and much more... Oh yes, there will be a feast on the 4th day. Everyone is welcomed to join us for this learning opportunity.

Poplar Hill Treaty day games.

Poplar Hill had their treaty day games on July 4-7 2002. It was a great success with everyone having a lot of fun. Games included boys and girls races, a ballon toss, an egg toss, a 3 legged race, tug-a-war events, a target shoot, a money hunt, arm wrestling, jigging, a royal rumble, canoe races, bingo and much, much more. Thanks to the organizers and Chief and Council for this year's treaty games. Check out the pictures.

Poplar Hill Band Members Recieve S100 forest fire fighting training

On the week of June 17-21 2002, MNR from Red Lake came to Poplar Hill to train 9 community members as S100 forest fire fighters. There were 4 trainers that provided both indoor and outside activities. The weather didn't cooperate until the last day of the training. Check out the photos at http://photos.knet.ca/album46

Poplar Hill Social Gathering Feast

Poplar Hill held a social gathering feast on June 16, 2002. This was a chance where the staff from the northern, the school, the Health centre, and the Band office came together. Everyone met to share ideas, let each know what they are working on and encourage each other. We all want to be able to work together. A lot of the local folks who are not working also came. This was a good experience for everyone especially since was our first feast for this purpose. The local Northern store was a big sponsor for this event. Congratulation and thanks to the people who came up with this idea. The food was great and everyone seemed to appreciate this opportunity to get together again. We are looking forward to having a bigger gathering next year. Check out the photos.

National Aboriginal Day Road Race in Poplar Hill

On June 21, 2002, Poplar Hill will have a men and ladies road race. This is the third year that this event has been held on National Aboriginal Day. The men's run is a good 5 km and the ladies is half the distance. There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes which will be announced later. The race is no cost and will be run come rain or shine. Get in shape everyone!!