Poplar Hill celebrates the Grand Opening of new Early Years Learning Centre

Hi to all the Northern Ontario communties that read the K-Net News. My name is Fabian Campbell and I'm the coordinator of the new Early Years Centre in Poplar Hill.

Over the last couple of months I have been working on setting up a centre for children ages 0-6 to have a place to visit and participate in story-telling as well as crafts and other organized activities. The new centre is also intended for the parents to become involved as well, sharing and volunteering.

I secured the former Poplar Hill K.I.H.S building and set it up for the new Early Years Learning Centre. All the supplies were ordered from wintergreen learning supplies.

I have also been visiting with parents to provide information for them about what the program is going to be doing.The program is will be  networking with other programs and workers that are already in place in most communities, such as HBHC and Pre-Natal.

I have been working closely with all frontline workers as well as the Chief and Council to get this project off the ground. I attended a training program in Thunder Bay with Yellow Quill college to become the local trainer. This was a one week training program and there were other coordinators from other communties that are developing a similar project in their communities.

I have some pictures of the grand opening that I want to share with everyone.