Fort Severn

Fort Severn First Nation gets their telemedicine suite installed

On January 16, Ghassan Dbouk (Adcom Technician) and I travelled to Fort Severn to set up, test and provide training in the use of the new telemedicine suite at their local Nursing Station. This work is part of the NORTH Network and Keewaytinook Okimakanak Smart / Telehealth Project. See the pictures at

Chief George Kakekaspan addresses Broadband Canada conference

As part of the Broadband Canada Conference in Ottawa, Chief George Kakekaspan provided conference participants with an overview of what it means to have broadband connectivity in Fort Severn First Nation. George and his council (Moses, Robert and Chip) along with Madeleine and Mel, joined the conference via a video link that was sponsored by Telesat Canada. George spoke about how Fort Severn community members are using broadband services to access educational and health services along with other on-line applications (e-commerce, e-government, etc). The Fort Severn presentation can be seen at

Christmas Concert in Fort Severn

The School had a Christmas Concert last night. Barney and I went over there to take some pictures. Be sure to check them out in the photo gallery at

Fort Severn Halloween event!!

Fort Severn hosted a community Halloween Event! The event included a Costume and Coloring contest. Awards were also given oout to the floor hockey champions, the Bad News Bears. Prices included T-shirts, Free Friday night passes. etc. After the awards, the school had a Halloween party. The winners of the coloring contest were: k-4 Kristen Bluecoat k-5 Samaria Miles Gr 1 Mirna Matthews G2 Jacelyn Stoney G-3,4 Herman Miles G- 5,6 Rabecca Gray G-7,8 Isabelle Miles Costume Contest: k-5 Skyler Matthews 1st place, Serena Matthews 2nd place Gr 1 Dallas Crowe 1st place, Brenton Matthews 2nd place Gr 2 Isaiah Koosachin 1st place, T.J 2nd place Gr 3,4 Brittney Kakekaspan 1st place, Caitlin Gray 1st place (it was a tie) Jonah Miles 2nd place Gr 5,6 Angelina Skunk 1st place, Jonah Miles 2nd place Gr 8 Bernadette Miles Click pictures to the event.

House Fire Destroys home.

On the Afternoon of Friday, October 26. The home of Edward Stoney burned down, nobody was home at the time of the fire, so no one was hurt. He lost everything in the fire. There were five of them living in the home, His wife and 3 kids. 2 of the kids are not school aged yet. Here's a link to some pictures of the tragedy.

Fort Severn First Nation host guests from across Ontario

The week of Sept 10 was busy in Fort Severn with visitors from various government agencies arriving on Monday and leaving on Thursday. Representatives from Industry Canada's FedNor and Aboriginal Business Canada (and NADF) programs, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, Ontario Native Affairs Secretariat, Wakenagun Community Futures Development Corporation, Northern College, Peawanuck First Nation and Keewaytinook Okimakanak all came to meet, learn, share, work and feast together over these four days. It was a busy but very productive week for everyone. Pictures and further information about this week are available at

The Sasquatch are in Bloom in Fort Severn

Greetings from Fort Severn On the long weekend in July, Moses Kakekaspan Sr reported some strange footprints near his fishing net near the coast. Three days after the first report, I was taken out to have a look. The photos attached are a "real" record of what was seen. I shot the pictures and the roll of film was set to the Sioux Lookout Bulletin who had them developed. The scans were done by Kodak from the original 35 mm film. The location was about 12 km north of the community near the end of the "Road to the Coast". This is true tundra. It looks like something very large swam in from the Bay and was walking onto the land across the mud flats. What made the prints? No one has any idea. But if you have any thoughts, please let us know. It is clear that the footprints are about 16" long and there is a 6' stride between the right and a left paw print. These aren't impressions made by a polar bear in the mud. Mel Orecklin, P.Eng., MBA, CAFM Co-Manager Fort Severn First Nation c/o General Delivery Fort Severn, ON P0V 1W0 Phone: (807) 478-2572 Fax: (807) 478-1103

Feasting and the Wilderness in Fort Severn

Keewaytinook Okimakanak staff and leaders are learning about Fort Severn and the people here by participating in various events. On Monday, June 4, Fort Severn families celebrated their annual spring feast out on the land in a clearing about 15 km northwest of the community. Pictures from the feast and along the Severn provide a small window into the actual event. (for some additional pictures)

On Tuesday, June 5, local Fort Severn band members, Angus Miles and Christine Thomas lead a group of Keewaytinook Okimakanak staff on another wilderness adventure. The experience provided everyone with a greater appreciation for the land and the people who live in this special and unique part of the country. Pictures from this experience show some of the parts of the trip and the awe-inspiring land and environment. (for some additional pictures)

That evening, Angus took a small group of hardy adventurers across the river to the Fort Severn goose camp for an overnight camping experience. Everyone said it was beautiful out there, BUT COLD!!Check out the pictures

Wednesday, June 6 was election day in Fort Severn. Angus took a group of KO staff up river to the first set of falls for exploring and fishing. Check out the pictures

After the results of the community election for chief and council were announced on the community TV channel, a square dance was held in the school gym (on our last evening in Fort Severn and Phyllis' birthday). Check out the pictures

Port Alberni students share about their Fort Severn trip

Port Alberni students made it home, but they're sad. Most of us are planning on going back because we had so much fun over there. But we hated the bugs. Most of us came back with bites or wind burn; our parents barley recognized us. LOL.

We talk about stuff that happened on the trip every day. We all loved it there, but the weather was kind of cold. Most of us got our pictures back. Mine turned out perfect. I'm thinking about building a web page so you guys can see how they turned out. But every single one of us loved it there. That's all I have to say. Thanks to all the chaperones for helping us when we were over there. This trip was a big success thanks to Gina. thank you Gina.

by Sidney Dick

Fort Severn Hosts Community Healing Workshop (May 4)

Fort Severn First Nation hosted a workshop for young people, parents, community leaders on the weekend of May 4, 5 and 6 (the first snow geese were just arriving). The Local Education Authority and school staff worked to raise the funds to bring Jerry Harmon of the Recovery Foundation back to Fort Severn to deliver a second community workshop entitled Building A Bridge for Change - Bringing Youth and Adults Together.
All the participants of this year's school trip participated in this workshop as part of their preparation for this exchange program with Port Alberni students. (the Fort Severn First Nation - Port Alberni, British Columbia Exchange Program, May 6 - May 15, 2001)
Check out the pictures