The Sasquatch are in Bloom in Fort Severn

Greetings from Fort Severn On the long weekend in July, Moses Kakekaspan Sr reported some strange footprints near his fishing net near the coast. Three days after the first report, I was taken out to have a look. The photos attached are a "real" record of what was seen. I shot the pictures and the roll of film was set to the Sioux Lookout Bulletin who had them developed. The scans were done by Kodak from the original 35 mm film. The location was about 12 km north of the community near the end of the "Road to the Coast". This is true tundra. It looks like something very large swam in from the Bay and was walking onto the land across the mud flats. What made the prints? No one has any idea. But if you have any thoughts, please let us know. It is clear that the footprints are about 16" long and there is a 6' stride between the right and a left paw print. These aren't impressions made by a polar bear in the mud. Mel Orecklin, P.Eng., MBA, CAFM Co-Manager Fort Severn First Nation c/o General Delivery Fort Severn, ON P0V 1W0 Phone: (807) 478-2572 Fax: (807) 478-1103