Fort Severn

Science & Technology Day Camp Fort Severn

The SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY DAY CAMP IN Fort Severn got under way Monday July 8, 2002 and ended on July 12, 2002 On the first day, Madeleine worked with the youth on an on-line hunt for the participants. Everyone was given a list of plants, animals and topics that they would have to find on-line and print. The second day the youth had a field trip with Curtis Lawson. They went on a plant collection trip with the elder Elijah Stoney who explained the stories behind the plants and what uses they have. On the third day the youth watched a video on local animals. A movie was shown of animals of the north identifying all the wildlife that can be found in the north. Lucy Stoney one of the elders explained the stories behind the animals and what they are used for. The afternoon was spend with the MNDM regional geologist explaining the Canadian shield and rock formations. The Geologist showed the young various rocks from the Canadian Shield. The fourth day was spend with a Biologist from the MNR helping local youth understand the eco-systems. Our elder, Elijah Stoney explained the relationship between all beings and plants. See Photos Day 1: Day 2: Day 3: Day 4:

Fort Severn & Deer Lake Technicians working together

The technicians in Fort Severn & Deer Lake First Nations use ICTs to resolve technical problems together. Angus Miles of Fort Severn assists Jeremy Sawanas at the Deer Lake e-Centre to get a computer operational. See the pictures of this session.

Video meeting between Fort Severn and Keewaywin

The Kuh-Ke-Nah First Nation Smart Staff of Fort Severn and Keewaywin along with Les Meekis, the KO Community Manager got together by video Conference on July 3 to discuss the 2002 Kuh-Ke-Nah First Nation telcom survey for local homes and businesses. The main topic was dealt with how we would translate some of the wording on our survey forms. We want all the local people in each of the Smart First Nations to clearly understand the survey questions. We also talked about making any changes or additions to the questions. See the pictures of this meeting

Realigment of C-Band data dish in Fort Severn

In the spring when the ground starts to thaw in Fort Severn, there is a lot of shifting that requires adjustments to be made to our C-Band satellite dish. Mr. Angus Miles, our community Technician, is always ready for any challenge to ensure we stay connected. The local Smart team assisted Angus communicating with him by radio phone to give readings on the alignment to bring the dish back in line and get the network back to operating at its full capacity. See Pictures

Birthday Cake for CANADA in Fort Severn.

Fort Severn celebrated Canada Day with a birthday cake, games for all ages...egg toss, three legged race.. egg & spoon race, and many other games. Of course there were hot dogs and burgers. Check out the photos at

Spring Hunting Week in Fort Severn First Nation

The last week in April was the spring hunting week in Fort Severn. Jesse Fiddler headed to Fort Severn to work with Angus Miles and Barney Turtle to capture some video footage of the goose migration and the local hunt. Weather conditions made the hunting difficult but they were able to post some of the different scenes they were able to capture while out near the Hudson Bay coast. Fernando Oliveira, the KiHS teacher, in Fort Severn joined Jesse and Angus in capturing some video footage. He editted some of the scenes and put together an interesting 6 minute version of the work involved during the spring hunt. Check out all the available clips (broadband is recommended for best viewing). Go directly to Fernando's editted version of the Fort Severn spring hunt (using Windows Media Player).

Dog Sled Expedition.

Jim Ryder, from Wisconsin, USA, began a solo dog sled expedition on March 16th. He started in Fort Severn and will go through Peawanuck, Attawapiskat, Kashechewan, Fort Albany and end in Moosonee. Jim encourages people to stop and say hello. From Moosonee Jim will ride with his dogs and sled in a rail road box car to Cochrane where his pick up crew will meet him. Jim has enough food for his dogs and himself to last 40 days. That doesn’t include the 5 day trip to get to Fort Severn from Wisconsin, nor the 3 day trip from Cochrane to home.

Ryder raised all of his ten dogs he has on his expedition. They are all greenlanders, a breed of sled dogs from Greenland that are well known for their strength and good disposition, not speed. & of his dogs were with him on his expedition last year that started in Churchill, intended to go through Fort Severn and end up in Moosonee. Unfortunately bad weather dramatically slowed his progress. With food supplies dwindling, jim chose to pull out at Gillam.

Jim Ryder lives on Madeline Island which is off the North Coast of Wisconsin in Lake Superior. Jim owns and runs “The Island Inn Motel” on Madeline Island, and also sells real estate. In the winter months, Jims gives guided dog sled trips to people of all ages and abilities. Some trips may consist of a few hours, others can last 2 - 3 days, winter camping and visits to other islands on the frozen Lake Superior.

When asked why he would do a 40 day solo trip, Jim said it was to have a chance to be alone and reflect. The adventure is a bonus.

View pictures of Jim's Preperations and departure from Fort Severn.

Fort Severn ICT Planning Worshop - Day 3

The third day of the workshop dealt with Band Administration and Economic Development. The turnout was exceptionally well. They discussed various topics throughout the day. View the pictures. Lots of ideas were thrown back and forth as the day progressed. GREAT IDEAS!!!

Feast in Fort Severn hosted by KO

The Feast hosted by Keewaytinook Okimakanak in Fort Severn was a success. The turnout was more than we expected, seats filled up quickly. But there was plenty of food to go around. View the pictures.

Fort Severn Community ICT Planning Workshop - Day 1 and 2 (January 29 & 30)

The first full day of the workshop dealt with Health Planning using ICT's. View pictures from the first day. The turn out for the Health Part of the workshop was good. People from Health Committee were in attendence, as well some of the Nursing Station Staff. The second day dealt with Education. The turn out for this one was exceptionally good, with the Education Board present, school principal, Chief George Kakekaspan, and various people tied into education. View pictures from the second day.