Fort Severn Halloween event!!

Fort Severn hosted a community Halloween Event! The event included a Costume and Coloring contest. Awards were also given oout to the floor hockey champions, the Bad News Bears. Prices included T-shirts, Free Friday night passes. etc. After the awards, the school had a Halloween party. The winners of the coloring contest were: k-4 Kristen Bluecoat k-5 Samaria Miles Gr 1 Mirna Matthews G2 Jacelyn Stoney G-3,4 Herman Miles G- 5,6 Rabecca Gray G-7,8 Isabelle Miles Costume Contest: k-5 Skyler Matthews 1st place, Serena Matthews 2nd place Gr 1 Dallas Crowe 1st place, Brenton Matthews 2nd place Gr 2 Isaiah Koosachin 1st place, T.J 2nd place Gr 3,4 Brittney Kakekaspan 1st place, Caitlin Gray 1st place (it was a tie) Jonah Miles 2nd place Gr 5,6 Angelina Skunk 1st place, Jonah Miles 2nd place Gr 8 Bernadette Miles Click pictures to the event.