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Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School News

-Thunder Bay- Students from the Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School were joined by a couple of young people from Brampton, Ontario. They provided an hour long program involving their testamonials, rock music (singing) and videos about choosing a Positive Life Style. The topics that were addressed by these young people dealt with racism and identity. Jessica Bighead, a DCMHS student, from Slate falls said, "The subject that spoke to me the most was, this one guy talking about the statistics on Aids, HIV, and the other types of diseases affecting young people today. The number of people affected by these diseases is lots." Students and staff gatherd at the Gym to hear this message, that spoke to some students (Including Me). It was kewl and great to be there. I almost didn't go because I thought they would only be doing a music theory... LET'S CHOOSE THE RIGHT TRACK WE'LL ALL MAKE IT!!! After the event was finshed Principle Kevin Sherlock, gave Norman Chapman an award for No Absences for the Month of October. Everyone at the Gym applauded... Well some were Shouting... Great Job Norman!!! Keep It Up...

DFC's Halloween Day

On October 31 the students and staff of Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School came out dressed up for the special Halloween Day. A couple of students came to school dressed up like "Hippies". One student from Sandy Lake came walking down the hallway dressed as a dead princess. The afternoon started off with a Hacky sak Tournament with Principle Kevin Sherlock. Then, many activites happened during the day. Students and staff were all called to the gym for some activites such as a Shoe Search, Dance, and all kinds of stuff. Everyone was excited. One teacher came to school dressed up as a lady. The students got such a laugh when they saw him. He went through everyclass, bothering every student. The day ended with pizza, pop, candy, and chips. Everyone Had a Great time...

Slate Falls joins the Kuh-ke-Nah Network (K-Net)

On Friday October 19th Slate Falls connected to the K-Net Satellite Network with their newly installed community satellite Dish. The project, a partnership between the community of Slate Falls, Windigo Tribal Council, K-Net, Telesat Canada, Communications Research Council and Fednor brings two-way data, video and voice access to Slate Falls First Nation. The connectivity consists of a permanent data connection and an on demand video conferencing connection. With the data is the deployment of four IP telephones to augment the one Bell phone. The IP telephones will allow for local calling in Sioux Lookout and Dryden and for calls to the community. See the pictures Among the first locations in Slate Falls to benefit are the School, the KIHS high school program, NAPS, the Band Office and Wahsa. For more information on this please contact Al Morrison at Windigo Tribal Council .

Jesse and Angie Fiddler's Wedding - Oct 6, 2001

October 6 2001 is going to be remembered by many people for more reasons than it being Jesse and Angie's wedding day. Jesse and Angie invited family and friends to come together in Sioux Lookout to celebrate their wedding. Along with the beautiful fall, harvest theme for the wedding, the natural elements added a whole new meaning to beauty by providing this area with its first snowfall. Everyone had a great time enjoying the outdoor event. Pictures from the day are now available in the on-line photo gallery. SEE THE PICTURES mail accounts

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Pikangikum Youth Challenge 2001

The organizing committee of this year's youth challenge is well on it's way to gear up for the tournament this year. This year's tournament marks our fourth year and previous champions have included our very own Ice Bear Warriors and a team from Sandy Lake. Every year the tournament accomodates eight teams and we would like to extend that to twelve teams if possible. The tournament will be heard on WRN (not final yet!) and will go in the week long festivities dedicated to the youth of Pikangikum. For more information on this tournament, please feel free to email, phone, or fax me. Thank You ph # (807) 773 5491 fax # (807) 773 5536

Youth Radio Launches in Sandy Lake First Nation

Sandy Lake Launches Youth Radio Program On Friday September 14, 2001, an eager group of volunteers spent two hours of their time from 9 to 11pm to relaunch the youth radio program. The purpose of the program is to entertain the young listening audience while addressing issues that affect their day to day lives such as; loss of language/culture, suicide, extreme boredom, drug abuse, the importance of education, alcoholism, healthy living, poverty, etc. The weekly radio show encourages as many youth to get involved in the programming and to have them talking directly to other youths over the air. The fun part to the show is the games such as; word scramble, word translation, trivia questions, and skits. Alex Fiddler, founder of the youth radio show says that, “Putting on the radio show requires a lot of preparation such as; script writing, finding sponsors for prizes, arranging the music, recruiting guests, and technical arrangements”. “We eventually want the youth to be trained in running their own radio shows and to serve as role models to their peers.” But first, a lot of work still needs to be done in terms of recruiting volunteers for the youth radio committee. “In the process we are creating a training program that will provide the youth with team building and leadership skills,” says Fiddler. The volunteers know very well what the youth are going through and what boredom can lead to, Ken Goodwin, a board member of the Wendamowin Radio Committee and youth radio program volunteer says “I use to hang around all night doing anything that excited me.” “I’m not proud of what I did, but I wished that there were positive things my friends and I could do back then.” “That’s what we’re trying to accomplish, to let the youth know that there are positive activities out there for them as long as they apply themselves.” Cheryl Meekis, another of the original facilitators for the program, says “We get an average 40 callers per show consisting of children, youth, and even parents. Knowing that we have a large listening audience gives us the boost needed to make the show even better.” In any case, it’s really exciting and rewarding to know that we may have played a positive impact in their young lives,” says Fiddler.

Memorial Weekend in Sandy Lake

August 31 - September 2, 2001 Cornelius "Power" Kakegamic memorial weekend. Gospel Jamboree followed by a Memorial Feast on Sunday, September 2, 2001. Musical guests, Silas Woodhouse Band, Mary Linski and Lucy Robinson. Along with community talents plus outside guests. Info - Harvey Kakegamic (807) 774-3421 Sidney Fiddler (807) 774-5121

webequie first nation mens and ladies baseball tournament and music festival

webequie first nation mens and ladies baseball tournament and music festival
mens teams:3-4 webequie, Big troutlake, Neskataga, Summer Beaver, Muskrat Dam, Roundlake, and ?Wunnimun? Ladies teams: 2-3 webequie, Big troutlake, Round lake thats all i know
Music Festival Bravestone(webequie), Sidekixx (webequie), bob Wabasse Band(webequie), Kingfisher Band, Sagatay 2001 (BTL), Status (sandy Lake), BearPaws (winnipeg), Saddle Band ( winnipeg), Jam Shack ( sandy Lake),Peacemaker(winnipeg) and maybe couple others......

CLE - The event that startle my kids.

CLE was really exciting for my kids, it was the first time they all seen this event. The rides were really exciting and of course I wasn't the one that didn't got on it. I was afraid of the rides, but My step-daughter Sharon wasn't. She was anxious to get on. So she got on one of the scariest ride that I couldn't get on. The ride was called "Zipper". The beginning of the week was kind of slow and as it got to the end of the week, it was packed jammed to the entrance. Here my family and I are walking around trying to find a place to sit, we couldn't find anything. THe hour was fast too. It seems that we were there like fifteen minutes, and it's been three to four hours trying to find a seat. Anyway, my kids really enjoy the CLE fair. And also families from up north came down to check out the fair. If there is any information you need regarding the event, You and your family should check out next year's event. God Bless you All! Barry Roundhead Margaret Roundhead Sharon Sainnawap Kyle Roundhead Colin Roundhead