CLE - The event that startle my kids.

CLE was really exciting for my kids, it was the first time they all seen this event. The rides were really exciting and of course I wasn't the one that didn't got on it. I was afraid of the rides, but My step-daughter Sharon wasn't. She was anxious to get on. So she got on one of the scariest ride that I couldn't get on. The ride was called "Zipper". The beginning of the week was kind of slow and as it got to the end of the week, it was packed jammed to the entrance. Here my family and I are walking around trying to find a place to sit, we couldn't find anything. THe hour was fast too. It seems that we were there like fifteen minutes, and it's been three to four hours trying to find a seat. Anyway, my kids really enjoy the CLE fair. And also families from up north came down to check out the fair. If there is any information you need regarding the event, You and your family should check out next year's event. God Bless you All! Barry Roundhead Margaret Roundhead Sharon Sainnawap Kyle Roundhead Colin Roundhead