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Booshoo Chiefs of ONTARIO: For two months, beginning July 1, 2002 and ending August 30, 2002, in the pristine wilderness of Waywayseecappo, 16 First Nations will come together and participate in Anishinabe Survivor. There, they must work together to survive. The Concept Deprived of basic comforts, exposed to the harsh natural elements, their fate determined by how well they can work together…who would you become? For 8 weeks, beginning in July 2002, 2 First Nation communities will come together once a week and will be stranded deep in the wilderness of Waywayseecappo. They will be forced to band together and carve out a new existence, using their collective wits to make surviving in their rugged and primitive environment a little easier. Day by day, the harsh elements and threatening indigenous animals will test the endurance of the Anishinabe Survivors. The Survivors must form their own cooperative society, building shelter, gathering and catching food, and participating in tribal challenges for rewards. Those who succeed in the day-to-day challenges will be rewarded with things to make life in the Waywayseecappo Wilderness more bearable. Those who fail must do without. Each night, the Survivors must attend Tribal Council. At this meeting, they will learn by their struggles to come together and learn the leadership and team-building skills that all First Nation youth will need in the new millennium. Why Your Youth Should Participate? Anishinabe Survivor is an investment in the development of today’s Youth and is an effective approach towards preparing our young people for the challenges the future holds. By promoting youth leadership, Anishinabe Survivor is an effective approach to address current issues of teen pregnancy, youth unemployment, youth drop-out, youth suicides, youth crime prevention, youth economic development, youth alcohol, drug and substance abuse, and other problems. The establishment of a program of this nature is a worthwhile investment in the future of our youth and their development as healthy balanced individuals. FAQ 1. What kinds of challenges are there? There are two kinds. One is a Reward Challenge, in which Survivors compete for luxuries, such as a pizza, gifts, drinks, etc. The second is a Tribal Challenge, in which each tribe competes against each other. The tribe who wins will be given luxuries such as Buffet Style Dinners, Tools and Equipment that will make their time outdoors easier, Special field trips to view the local area, etc. 2. Will there always be two teams? Yes, tribes must compete against each other. The only time there will not be teams is when there are reward challenges. 3. Is communication from the outside world allowed? No. These people are truly stranded in Waywayseecappo. Survivor Essentials Survivors need only to bring clothing (5 days) suitable for the outdoors, rain or shine. They will also need money for their trip to the survivor site and home. IMPORTANT INFORMATION - PLEASE READ The purpose of this email is to introduce you to Anishinabe Survivor, A Youth Leadership, Team-Building workshop for six youth from your community. Anishinabe Survivor is a week-long Youth Leadership and Team-Building workshop, the workshop is taped daily and packaged in a video production. At the end of the summer it is sent to the First Nation Communities that participated in Anishinabe Survivor. There is no other program of this nature in CANADA, it is unique and specially designed for First Nation Youth. The reason "Anishinabe Survivor" was created is because of the low productivity of the youth in all First Nation Communities. This is especially true during the summer when alot of the youth are selected to work in the community and end up doing menial jobs that do not offer the full satisfaction in culture, leadership, and team-building skills that the youth will need to help themselves and their communities in the future. Maiingun & Associates is giving special consideration and group selection to the youth of Ontario. Due to the high number of First Nation Communities in Ontario we are allowing (8) Ontario First Nations to send their youth, the rest of the groups will come from Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Maiingun & Associates is only accepting 16 First Nations from Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The date that you should confirm your youth to the program should be no later than MAY 15, 2002. Below you will find a schedule of the expected start dates of each group below: Tribal Challenge One (MALES AGED 14-17) July 1 - July 5, 2002 2 First Nation Groups, 6 Youth Per Group, 12 Total Youth Tribal Challenge Two (FEMALES AGED 14-17) July 8 - July 12, 2002 2 First Nation Groups, 6 Youth Per Group, 12 Total Youth Tribal Challenge Three (MALES AGED 14-17) July 15 - July 19, 2002 2 First Nation Groups, 6 Youth Per Group, 12 Total Youth Tribal Challenge Four (FEMALES AGED 14-17) July 22 - July 26, 2002 2 First Nation Groups, 6 Youth Per Group, 12 Total Youth Tribal Challenge Five (MALES AGED 14-17) August 5 - August 9, 2002 2 First Nation Groups, 6 Youth Per Group, 12 Total Youth Tribal Challenge Six (FEMALES AGED 14-17) August 12 - August 16, 2002 2 First Nation Groups, 6 Youth Per Group, 12 Total Youth Tribal Challenge Seven (MALES AGED 14-17) August 19 - August 23, 2002 2 First Nation Groups, 6 Youth Per Group, 12 Total Youth Tribal Challenge Six (FEMALES AGED 14-17) August 26 - August 30, 2002 2 First Nation Groups, 6 Youth Per Group, 12 Total Youth For More info contact Greg Mentuck, Maiingun & Associates, (204) 453-4688 e:mail: Visit the website to find out more and to link to your site.

Off- Shift House Councillor Hit's pole

Spring, is a time when we all face bad roads, Dangerous road slides and most importanly, waste a lot of (ShooNiA) Money on dented And fixed car Placements. This would be the cause On April 4th As Mike Van-Voris, a Off Duty House Councillor drove back to his community of Hudson which is about a 10 minute ride from Pelican Falls High School. He encounterd a dangerous Slpit secound off the road stunt. According to the other house councillors, the Sliperry roads caused this to happend. The Van was in a very bad shape, including the Telephone and Hydro Pole, which runs around the PFC (Pelican Falls Center) Principle Wayne Mercer, later announced that a power outage would take a few hours to get the pole replaced. According to the House 4 Guys, in which the Councillor keeps, Their responces to this accadentil event, they said, "hhhhhhhOooooooLlllYyyyyy" No Major injeries were reported excpet for a few little soar-ness and of course, the van cost well take a lot of money, according to my sources...


NOTICE: Cory Meekis reports that "Kenny Meekis won the truck ... after he won the truck, he gave it to his grandpa as a reward for paying Kenny's entry into the derby." Deer Lake First Nation invites people to participate in our Annual Ice Fishing Derby. DEER LAKE FIRST NATION TICKETS $100.00 1st-PRIZE: An 89 GMC-Sierra 4x4 Extended Cab (in really good condition) *****AND MANY MORE PRIZES***** FOR MORE INFO CONTACT: Gorby Meekis - 775 2040 Verna Meekis - 775 9359 During Office hours phone the Deer Lake Band Office @ 807 775 2141

Annual Pow-Wow held at Pelican Falls High School

The community of Lac Seul First Nation, held their annual Pow-Wow at the Pelican Falls First Nations High School on March 23, 24, 25, 2002 The event bought excitement, joy & Pride. There were also 8 guest drums on hand. to name a few, there were Lac Seul drum group, Fort Francis drum group, Fort Hope drum Group and others. The last night, they gave out gifts of thanks. Pelican Falls High School well also be hosing a Pow-Wow. The date of this event well be announced at a later date. This Article is also being sent to the Wawaay News, for the April 4th Edition.

Grand Opening of the Poplar Hill Nothern Store

We had our Grand opening for our new Northern Store this morning at 11:00 central time. In spite of the snowy conditions, crowds of people arrived for the excitment. We all waited outside for the ribbon cutting so that everyone could go see the inside. Our community elder and Northern Committee member Josie Strang (My aunt) did the honours of cutting the ribbon. There were three Northern vice presidents (Carol, Karen, Gary) and others that came from Winnipeg to attend the opening. After the ribbon cutting, my aunt Josie, Chief Dennis King and Jim (another Northern vice president) gave their speeches. Everyone was eager to get in and do some shopping. The Northern store offered chidren colouring books with crayons and balloons. The adults got a free Northern cap plus a mug. Everyone enjoyed a piece of cake with juice or coffee. There was also a draw for 3 electronics that will be drawn on Saturday March 23,2002. To see pictures, please go to

Sandy Lake Youth runs for Band Council.

Anthony Bekintis, a twenty year old man is running for Band Council in 2002 March elections. He was nominated on March 04th, 2002. His vision. To promote young people to get involved with the Band Council. To produce a junior postion within the Sandy Lake Band Council that will always be open to the youth/ young people. Their will be five catagories always in place; chief, deputy chief, councillors, elders council and a junior councillor (youth intern). So that the young people will always have a position within the Sandy Lake Band Council. We, the young people are the future of our community and therefore should always have a say in what goes on in our community. Experiences/Background he has worked in a number of workplaces since the age of 15. Some of his previous occupation include being a councillor in training(C.I.T) at the YMCA in Sault.Ste.Marie, ontario. An operator for the ministry of transportation working on the winter road project for the Sandy Lake Community Development Services and also a supervisor for the Adowgamick Enterprises where he learned about business and computer skills. He entered and completed a leadership course at the Bark Lake Leadership Center in Toronto. He was forced to leave high school to support his growing family, but understands and is also upgrading through independant learning courses. If you would like to contact Anthony, please email him at

Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra Visits PFFHS

On Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2002, the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra (T.B.S.O.) came to Pelican Falls First Nations High School to perform for the students. The Niiwi Pines drum group from Lac Seul were there as well to welcome their guests to their traditional territory. The show was great. Everyone was awed by the performance. After the show was finished a luncheon was served in the main side of the school. Watch for the story in the coming weeks of Wawatay News. Hopefully the pictures work out so they can be published.

Pelican Falls High School Compete with the DFC ThunderHawks

On Saturday, January, 19, The Pelican Falls First Nations High School's hockey team and the undefeated Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School's ThunderHawks will be playing at the Sioux Lookout Memorial Arena. The show, starting at 7pm, will be a good one said one student as he was walking to his Class.

Native Gay youth should be them ownselves

What should be done to stop people from fighting and killing each other from this subject called "Gay". Many young people should know how it feels to be alone because their friends have turned them down and they have felt many loniness and no one in our own community knows how bad it hurts... I think everyone should treat everyone with repect... As for me, as a 17 year old, I find it so stupid when people mistreat each other. We're in CANADA for crying out loud. Everyone needs to treat each other with kindness....

My Weagamow Family welcomes new arrivals!

The Quequish-Roundhead-Petawanick family welcomes new babies! 2 beautiful baby girls! Penelope Renee Victoria & Kimberly Saralyn Storm Roundhead... And there are more that I cannot begin to name!