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Two Road Groomers Go Through The Ice On Weagamow Lake

On the evening of January 13, 2003 two groomers were working o­n the temporary winter road. At 7:30 pm in the evening the chief called the local radio station and announced over the air that a groomer had gone through the ice. The driver of the groomer jumped out in time but ended in the water up to his neck.

Minutes later the second groomer came upon the driver walking o­n the road covered in ice. The chief called the local radio from his vehicle behind the second groomer.

A half hour later the chief called again announcing that the second groomer broke through the ice as well. The blade of the second groomer was holding it up and the driver was able to get out of it ok.

The second groomer was working o­n a by-pass for the vehicles that were following it when it went through the ice. Both groomers are now out of service with o­ne under the water and the second sticking half way out of the ice.

Thank goodness both drivers were able to escape without serious harm.

Nibinamik Youth Hockey Tournament - Feb 6 to 9

Summer Beaver is hosting its second year of youth hockey tournament on February 6  to 9, 2003.

Entry Fee: for Bantam is $400.00,  Peewee for $300.00 and Atom Division $100.00  

Trophies, Medallions, Indiviual Trophies, Gifts and Cash Prizes!

For more info, please call

Norman @ the Band Office (807) 593-2131

or Philip @ the School (807) 593-2195


Sioux Mountain Christmas Concert

On Tuesday, December 17th, I attended the Sioux Mountain Christmas Concert.  My daughter Sarah is four years old and she is in junior kindergarten.

Sarah had been practising her songs for awhile at home.  So yesterday afternoon, she sang her songs with relish.  The reindeer pokey consisted of the little children dancing in a circle facing inwards with a white tail facing the crowd.

She has been anxious for Christmas to come.  Her aunt Mary and uncle Jethro have had their Christmas tree up since early November, so it is quite hard to compete with that.  Throughout the preceding months since the Wish Book came out--she's been looking through the catalogue "mom, I want this and that"  and barbies...lots of them, please.

So, Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year to all of you.

Ed, Pauline, Sarah & Brock

Christmas Events in Big Trout Lake

It’s almost Christmas here in Big Trout Lake. So far nothing has been done to celebrate the event. However things don’t usually pick up till next week. That is the way it usually  happens around here. Maybe it’s because people are busy or they just don’t have time.

From what I hear in the other communities they start celebrating at first week of  December. They have gift exchanges, wiener roasts, sliding, musical chairs and square dancing. As well they have games at the radio station such as poker derby and scavenger hunts. And most important I don't want to forget about the Christmas and New Years feasts.

But o­nce they start going they don’t stop celebrating till after New Years. They had fire works before but I don’t know if they’ll have it again this year. Usually they have Santa o­n ice with the kids and adults along with broomball and hockey games. There is also a Christmas concert this afternoon. This is the school's last day before the holidays until January 06,2003.

Have a safe and happy holiday season everyone.

Planning for Broadband Connectivity in the AKRC region of Treaty 3

Anishinaabeg of Kabapikotawangag Resource Council Inc. is beginning their planning process to bring a broadband connectivity solution into their member First Nations. Their ICT Committee met at their office in Sioux Narrows o­n December 11, to review the proposal submitted to the BRAND and FedNor programs for funding. Advertising and hiring an ICT Coordinator will o­ne of the first steps taken by the committee, as they begin to prepare their business case for submission by the March 31 deadline.

Keewaytinook Okimakanak staff attended this meeting to share best practices and lessons learned. Carl Seibel, FedNor’s Telecommunication Officer, joined the meeting by teleconference.

Webequie Christmas Festivals Balloon Drop

The community of Webequie had a balloon drop from the Northern Store at midday. Many excited community members gathered around o­n this beautiful winters day. People young and old went to watch or participated in grabbing the balloons. The balloons contained pieces of paper which indicated a prize number or a dummy prize.  The store contributed those prizes to the community.

DFC High School Celebreates early Christmas feast

As Christmas nears, the students at Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School celebrated with a early Christmas feast o­n December 9th.

The whole school body came out as well as their boarding parents to add a little touch to the Christmas spirit.

Various food items were served, mustly tradational food, such as turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, vegetables, and other great tasting food.

It was a evening to celebrate the end of the first semester as the DFCHS completes this fall session o­n Thursday.

Parents and friends can sure be excited as we ride with santa to come home...  

Judo Tryouts Sends 2 Native Youth out to the States

Thunder Bay- Billy Muckuck and Mathew Spade will be competing this weekend in a judo tournament in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin o­n December 7th.

Their coach Norm Sakamoto, is taking six competitors including Billy and Mathew, from his Sakamoto Dojo club in Thunder Bay.

Billy currently holds his Yellow Belt and Mathew has his White Belt. They are both from Mishkeegogamang First Nation and are atteneding the Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School in Thunder Bay, O­ntario.

Check out pictures next week @

Diocese of Keewatin Ratifies Residential Schools Agreement

Diocese of Keewatin

December 2, 2002
for immediate release

Diocese of Keewatin Ratifies Residential Schools Settlement Agreement

Kenora, o­ntario

- The Diocese of Keewatin through its Diocesan Council, meeting at St. Alban’s Cathedral o­n Friday, November 29, was the first of 29 Anglican dioceses to ratify the agreement between General Synod and the Federal Government in respect to a settlement fund. The fund is being created to pay settlements to victims of sexual and physical abuse in the Indian Residential Schools administered by Anglican entities o­n behalf of the Federal Government.

"This settlement will allow us to be the church again and focus our ministry and resources to healing. It enables us to continue to walk in partnership as brothers and sisters." commented the Rt. Rev. David Ashdown, Bishop of Keewatin.

Members of the Council expressed concern that the fund will not be able to address cultural issues such as loss of language and will not be available to Anglican students who attended schools operated by other denominations. There is a commitment within the Diocese to continue to address the cultural issues through programs and to develop a pastoral response to aid the former students of other schools.

Archdeacon of Keewatin, the Ven. Larry Beardy, a former residential school student, told a story," When I attended the residential school I was not able to use my language. I lost my language. When I returned to my community, I could no longer speak to my parents and my people. It was by going to church, that I regained my language. The church has kept our languages alive."

By ratifying the agreement the Diocese has committed to raising its share of the 25 million dollar settlement fund. That share will be approximately $175,000 over five years. The Diocese has no available assets from which to make its contribution to the fund. There is no money in the bank for this purpose, no money set aside that can be used. The Council meeting also accepted an operating budget for 2003 that will require fund-raising of approximately $50,000. in addition to securing the resources needed for ministry projects.

"Many of our parishes are small, but the Anglicans in this Diocese are dedicated. I believe that we will meet this challenge together. Raising funds for the settlement is morally the right thing to do. Raising funds to do ministry is a part of who we are as Christians. " stated Diocesan Treasurer, the Rev. Susan Barclay.


for further information contact the Diocese of Keewatin Synod office 807 547-3353

Equay-wuk (Women's Group) Gathering 2002 - Sioux Lookout

Equay-wuk (Women's Group) will be holding a Gathering & 2002 General Meeting December 9-13, 2002 at Sunset Inn, Sioux Lookout, o­n.  Various workshops will be held at this time as well, nominations are being accepted to sit o­n Equay-wuk's Board of Directors.  Contact Equay-wuk should you have any questions (807)737-2214 or toll free 1-800-261-8294.