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Muskrat Dam 1st annual Kanina Beardy Memorial Gospel Jamboree

Muskrat Dam is pleased to announce the 1st Annual Kanina Beardy Memorial Gospel Jamboree commencing November 29 through December 1.

Please tune in to Wawatay for live broadcasting.

For more information please phone

Doug Beardy at (807) 471-2524  (work)
Tilleya Nothing at (807) 471-2574  (work)

Aboriginal Ontario - Open for Business

The November 14, 2002 issue of the Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal had an insert called "Aboriginal o­ntario - Open for Business". It contained more than 25 stories about Aboriginal businesses across o­ntario and the people involved in setting them up and operating them. All the articles are written by Rick Garrick (a Lac Seul band member living in Sioux Lookout). GREAT SUCCESS STORIES!! Lots of GREAT IDEAS!! And best of all it is available o­n-line at the Aboriginal o­ntario website.

Neskantaga First Nation Memorial Gospel Jamboree!!!

Jamboree is set for November 22, 23 &24 2002.

Special guests include:

Roy Fiddler from Muskrat Dam, o­nt.
Jerome Harper from Winnipeg, Man.
Linda Beardy from Sioux Lookout, o­nt.
Abe Kakapetum from Sioux Lookout, O­nt.
Stillwater Gospel Band from Neskantaga First Nation.
Our local Neskantaga Gospel Singers.
And many many more to come.

For Further information, Please contact coordinators:
Edward Moonias - 807-479-2631 (h)
Duane Moonias - 807-479-1126 (h)
or call either o­ne of them at the band office, at 807-479-2570

Thank You / Miigwetch

NADF hosts Small Business Development Workshops on-line

Innovation, partnerships, training, sharing and demonstrating new opportunities were key themes delivered by Nishnawbe Aski Development Fund staff and their partners during Small Business Week (the week of October 21 to 25). Some of the other key partners in this workshop included the First Nations, FedNor, NAN, K-Net and SLAAMB.

Rachel Garrick, an NADF Project Officer, approached K-Net staff with a proposal to use the broadband network to deliver a series of Small Business Development workshops for the Nishnawbe Aski Nation communities that have video conferencing facilities already established. Sites were identified with a number of partners (for example, in Sioux Lookout the SLAAMB board room was donated for local First Nation organizations and nearby communities), promotional material was distributed, training and planning was completed and all the different resource people were coordinated for this two day event that took place o­n October 24 and 25. Check out the Wawatay News story about this virtual workshop.

Pictures and more information about this event are also available at

New Chief and Council Of Ginoogaming First Nation

I just wanted to let you know that Our Chief and Council has changed since 2001. Our new First Nation Band Information to be posted o­n our community information page should now be:

Chief: John Mendowegon
Councillor are:
Calvin Taylor
Eddie Wesley
Alex Fisher
Gwen O'nabigon
Blaine Martin
Lisa Echum

Miigwech for your time

Sandy Lakes 2nd Annual Partridge hunt

Hello! The 2nd Annual Partridge hunt was successful again this year. Most people who were available to hunt participated. No guns were allowed as too many children were hunting also.

The partridges have returned to our community after being absent and so scarce for so many years. o­nly slingshots were allowed and the traditional looping of birds was also permitted. The hunt was open to everyone at no charge. Many hunters competed for the prizes offered as sponsor's supplied all the prizes.

The hunt is not hosted for competition o­nly. It is another way that is meant to keep our traditions alive. It also gets people and families out of their houses and exercising. There were some funny stories and exciting hunts. It was good to hear that the people enjoyed themselves in the wilderness.

The hunt was family oriented. Almost everyone took their kids along. But the women involved did not bring in a single bird. Hopefully they will practice for next year’s hunt as more prizes will be available.

I thank each of the sponsors for this year’s hunt and for all the wonderful prizes they provided. We anticipate your participation again next year.

This event is part of our Traditional Culture Program events. It will be an annual event for everyone’s enjoyment for years to come.

I encourage every community to consider hosting some hunts, offering prizes for free. We are losing our youth to modern day influences and we need to be working and doing these types of events together. The hunts do not disrespect nature’s animals in any way as we give the game to elders after the hunts or contribute to the community feast for all to enjoy. May your hunts be successful!

Thank you,

Glen Fiddler

NNEC WolfPack play in Nipigon

The Northern Nisnawbe Education Council's newest hockey team called the Wolf Packs will be playing tonight against the Nipigon Elks. "Its most likely the team will win" said o­ne student with a smile he noted, "I hope they do".

The games will be held at the Nipigon Areana tonight at 7:30.

Check out the Wolf Pack's new web-site at

Bamaji Lake's Annual Moose Hunting Derby

There was a Moose Hunting Derby held this past weekend from October 9 - 14/02.  Lesia Loon hosted the derby that had three prizes to be won. The biggest bull received $1500, the cow fetched $1000 and there was a $500 prize for the smallest moose brought back to the community.

The winner for the bull was George Bighead, Kevin Loon won the prize for the cow and the smallest moose was bought in by Kevin Loon.  Congratulations to those who won and to everyone who participated.

McKoop Lake Trip for Bearskin Lake members

On the weekend of Sept 25 to Sept. 29, the Bearskin Lake Band supported a cultural hunting trip to McKoop Lake at the Band's Tourist Camp. The camp is located 36 miles south of the reserve. There were 13 men that went o­n the trip, 8 teens and 5 chaperones.

The trip consisted of: hunting, fishing, and many other outdoor stuff. The people that went o­n the trip were Chris Beardy, Trevor McKoop, Victor Fox, Scott Nothing, Langford Gray, Kevin Peters, Edward Fiddler, Stuart Kam, Louie Fox, John Day, Randy Fiddler, David Meekis and myself. Four of us left for McKoop Lake o­n Wednesday afternoon. The rest came o­n Friday afternoon.

Although, we were unsuccessful with the moose hunting, we had a chance to go Goose and Duck hunting which was fun. I hope the band will do this again in the future. Thanx.

Wild Country has a new service....

In order to better service the needs of the northern communities we are pleased to offer you a direct flight from Red Lake to Winnipeg starting Monday September 30th at 12:00 noon. You can fly from your northern home to Red Lake and continue o­n to Winnipeg for an additional $95.00 each. We will be using the same location that we previously used o­n Allen Dyne just off Sargent Avenue at Winnipeg International.

We are currently offering seat sales and lower freight costs to all of our northern communities. please call us and see what we can do for you.

toll free # 1-800-465-3292