Sandy Lakes 2nd Annual Partridge hunt

Hello! The 2nd Annual Partridge hunt was successful again this year. Most people who were available to hunt participated. No guns were allowed as too many children were hunting also.

The partridges have returned to our community after being absent and so scarce for so many years. o­nly slingshots were allowed and the traditional looping of birds was also permitted. The hunt was open to everyone at no charge. Many hunters competed for the prizes offered as sponsor's supplied all the prizes.

The hunt is not hosted for competition o­nly. It is another way that is meant to keep our traditions alive. It also gets people and families out of their houses and exercising. There were some funny stories and exciting hunts. It was good to hear that the people enjoyed themselves in the wilderness.

The hunt was family oriented. Almost everyone took their kids along. But the women involved did not bring in a single bird. Hopefully they will practice for next year’s hunt as more prizes will be available.

I thank each of the sponsors for this year’s hunt and for all the wonderful prizes they provided. We anticipate your participation again next year.

This event is part of our Traditional Culture Program events. It will be an annual event for everyone’s enjoyment for years to come.

I encourage every community to consider hosting some hunts, offering prizes for free. We are losing our youth to modern day influences and we need to be working and doing these types of events together. The hunts do not disrespect nature’s animals in any way as we give the game to elders after the hunts or contribute to the community feast for all to enjoy. May your hunts be successful!

Thank you,

Glen Fiddler