McKoop Lake Trip for Bearskin Lake members

On the weekend of Sept 25 to Sept. 29, the Bearskin Lake Band supported a cultural hunting trip to McKoop Lake at the Band's Tourist Camp. The camp is located 36 miles south of the reserve. There were 13 men that went o­n the trip, 8 teens and 5 chaperones.

The trip consisted of: hunting, fishing, and many other outdoor stuff. The people that went o­n the trip were Chris Beardy, Trevor McKoop, Victor Fox, Scott Nothing, Langford Gray, Kevin Peters, Edward Fiddler, Stuart Kam, Louie Fox, John Day, Randy Fiddler, David Meekis and myself. Four of us left for McKoop Lake o­n Wednesday afternoon. The rest came o­n Friday afternoon.

Although, we were unsuccessful with the moose hunting, we had a chance to go Goose and Duck hunting which was fun. I hope the band will do this again in the future. Thanx.