Two Road Groomers Go Through The Ice On Weagamow Lake

On the evening of January 13, 2003 two groomers were working o­n the temporary winter road. At 7:30 pm in the evening the chief called the local radio station and announced over the air that a groomer had gone through the ice. The driver of the groomer jumped out in time but ended in the water up to his neck.

Minutes later the second groomer came upon the driver walking o­n the road covered in ice. The chief called the local radio from his vehicle behind the second groomer.

A half hour later the chief called again announcing that the second groomer broke through the ice as well. The blade of the second groomer was holding it up and the driver was able to get out of it ok.

The second groomer was working o­n a by-pass for the vehicles that were following it when it went through the ice. Both groomers are now out of service with o­ne under the water and the second sticking half way out of the ice.

Thank goodness both drivers were able to escape without serious harm.