Christmas Events in Big Trout Lake

It’s almost Christmas here in Big Trout Lake. So far nothing has been done to celebrate the event. However things don’t usually pick up till next week. That is the way it usually  happens around here. Maybe it’s because people are busy or they just don’t have time.

From what I hear in the other communities they start celebrating at first week of  December. They have gift exchanges, wiener roasts, sliding, musical chairs and square dancing. As well they have games at the radio station such as poker derby and scavenger hunts. And most important I don't want to forget about the Christmas and New Years feasts.

But o­nce they start going they don’t stop celebrating till after New Years. They had fire works before but I don’t know if they’ll have it again this year. Usually they have Santa o­n ice with the kids and adults along with broomball and hockey games. There is also a Christmas concert this afternoon. This is the school's last day before the holidays until January 06,2003.

Have a safe and happy holiday season everyone.