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Sounds of North Spirit Lake

Click the tabs above to access the online exhibition of new work from the project, listen to the Elder and community interviews, and hear the sounds that were gathered. Scroll down this page to see the photographs of the trip.

About the Project

In March 2013 a team of artists from Ed Video Media Arts visited North Spirit Lake First Nations. They worked in partnership with K-Net staff, local teachers and community members to create a project focused on exploring the soundscape of the community and creating opportunities and training in the area of audio art, video and photography.

During the visit the team held workshops at the Keewaytinook Internet High School (KiHS) focusing on recording, editing, and mixing audio to create audio art; and on working with audio in video and mixed media projects. They also facilitated the young people recording stories from Elders about sound in the community, and hosted a number of community events at the elementary school and the community centre; as well as participating in a video conferenced school assembly with the other thirteen KiHS classrooms across remote Northern Ontario.

The trip exposed the incredible creativity present in the North Spirit Lake community, and created new connections between artists, young people and Elders. The young people involved created beautiful audio art and video work, and collected over two hundred recordings of daily life in the community. The visiting artists also created new works based on the unique recordings made in the community.

We would also like to thank Matthew Brown, the teacher at KiHS in North Spirit, Linda Johnson, Susan Rae at the store/motel, and Sally Bunting for looking after us so well while we were there.

Many thanks to the Elders for sharing their stories, and most importantly, to the students and the wider community who shared their creativity and their time with us (and took us ice fishing!).

Extra thanks, also, to Angus for driving us to the airport in the yellow school bus three times the day we left!

Download a class plan for a sound project


Slideshow of pictures from the project