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Lands and Resource Training

As part of the Community Sound [e]Scapes: Northern Ontario project, lead artist Rebecca Caines visited Dryden to take part in media training being provided to KO Lands and Resource planners and technicians.

Scroll down to see pictures of this training and discussion, and the sound walk (in the rain!)

North Spirit Lake, Deer Lake, Fort Severn, Polar Hill, McDowell Lake and Keewaywin First Nations have established Lands and Resources Offices and are facilitating lands and resources training & planning with Keewaytinook Okimakanak. Planners & Technicians coordinate community events and conduct strategic planning to provide their leadership with the information they need to make decisions. Capacity Building occurs through peer support and coordinated training in the First Nation.

Video and audio workshops were conducted, along with discussions about integrating audio into the work of Lands and Resource workers as they map and engage with the land. KO decided that audio might provide a new tool for the workers that provides more flexibility and a smaller reliance on complex video editing processes. Caines was happy to provide some training and lead discussions on the best way to integrate audio and creativity with audio. Caines helped KO Lands and Resources to source appropriate equipment for the team (water resistant, hardy, compact and able to withstand cold temperatures and not reliant on disposable batteries alone).

One of the positive outcomes of this project is that each KO community will now have an appropriate portable audio recorder and headphones in the kit for future audio work. We are working in the future to develop systems to load and store recordings so that anyone in the community may access locally recorded sounds for use in their own projects.

The first step in this process is the Sounds of North Spirit Lake sound library, accessible off the tab marked “Sounds of North Spirit Lake”- “Sounds”.

The Community Sound[e]Scapes team is very grateful to Cal Kenny and Franz Seibel at K-Net for their work to get this part of the project happening and we hope to continue to partner with K-Net to increase audio capacity in the KO communities.


Slideshow of pictures from the project


Lands And Resources photo slideshow audio by Cal Kenny


Lands and Resource Interview


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Download Lands & Resources photo slideshow by Cal Kenny

Download Lands & Resources Rebecca Caines interview by Cal Kenny