Science & Technology Day Camp Fort Severn

The SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY DAY CAMP IN Fort Severn got under way Monday July 8, 2002 and ended on July 12, 2002 On the first day, Madeleine worked with the youth on an on-line hunt for the participants. Everyone was given a list of plants, animals and topics that they would have to find on-line and print. The second day the youth had a field trip with Curtis Lawson. They went on a plant collection trip with the elder Elijah Stoney who explained the stories behind the plants and what uses they have. On the third day the youth watched a video on local animals. A movie was shown of animals of the north identifying all the wildlife that can be found in the north. Lucy Stoney one of the elders explained the stories behind the animals and what they are used for. The afternoon was spend with the MNDM regional geologist explaining the Canadian shield and rock formations. The Geologist showed the young various rocks from the Canadian Shield. The fourth day was spend with a Biologist from the MNR helping local youth understand the eco-systems. Our elder, Elijah Stoney explained the relationship between all beings and plants. See Photos Day 1: Day 2: Day 3: Day 4: