Deer Lake

Forest Fire in Deer Lake threatens community

On Monday, May 12, 2003 the community of Deer Lake was asked to evacuate their homes as the fire threatened to burn a few homes in the area.  The fire began early in the morning and burnt until the water bombers were called in late in the afternoon to put out the blaze.  For precautionary reasons, the school was also cancelled for the day when the fire was first noticed in the morning.  

A great team effort was displayed later that afternoon to save a house from the flames when community members and MNR firefighters stopped the fire from reaching the house.  Soon after, the people were informed to evacuate the Deer Lake side of town, when another fire was reported to be closing in.

The water bombers soon arrived and after roughly  an hour of dumping water on the fire and surrounding area, the fire was put out, but the community members weren't allowed to go back to their homes until it was safe to. Eventually everyone living on the Deer Lake side of town were sent back to their homes later in the evening.  

To view the pictures, check out the photogallery at


Morley Meekis 3rd Memorial Feast

On Saturday April 5, 2003 at 6:00 pm, we held a feast in Deer Lake to honour my father's memory.  It has been three years since he went to heaven.  He remains much in our memory of course.  Here is a litte something:

Say Again

If I could live one day again,
I know the one I'd choose.
It'd be the last day I saw my dad,
And I'd say again, "I Love You."
I'd wrap my arms around him,
And pray to God above,
To hold him in His loving arms,
And shower him in His love.
I'd also pray and let God know,
How thankful I have been,
To have had that man as my dad,
And how proud I am of him.
He faced his fate with a mighty strength.
You don't see in many men.
He stood tall and never failed,
To hold us up instead.
One of the saddest things on earth
Is to hear that someone's passed.
And finally go to heaven above,
To see God's face at last.
If I could live one day again,
I know the one I'd choose.
It'd be the day I said, "Good Bye"
And said again, "I Love You."

The family of the late Morley Meekis would like to thank the following for their donations and their help:

  • Deer Lake Northern Store
  • Grandma (Delia Kakegamic) We love you very much!
  • Deer Lake First Nation - for flying our groceries in
  • Deer Lake Children's Centre
  • Zack and Kanina Meekis
  • Barry and Angel Meekis
  • Steve Meekis
  • Christina Kakegamic
  • and all the people that did the cooking.  Thank you very much and god bless!!

Two Candidates To Run For Chief Position in Deer Lake

A nomination meeting for the vacant Chief position took place in Deer Lake from 4 - 8 pm Friday o­n January 10, 2003.  After all the nomination ballots were counted, two candidates were selected to run for Chief, Saggius Rae and Mickey Meekis.

The election is scheduled for Wednesday, January 15, 2003 at the TV Station, beginning at 9 am and running until 9 pm.


Nomination Meeting in Deer Lake

Nomination for Chief vacancy will take place at the T.V. Station in Deer Lake, o­ntario from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm, with counting of ballots to follow.  For full results, check out  site after the last ballot has been recorded.


Deer Lake Elder Passes Away

Deer Lake elder, Janet Crowe, passed away in the early morning hours of Saturday, January 4, 2003.  Friends and family gathered at Mickie Meekis' to pay their respects, offer support and comfort throughout the weekend.

Funeral services are scheduled for Tuesday, January 7, 2003 at the United Church down by Treaty Point.


Deer Lake New Years Feasts

Once again, the New Years Feast was held at Deer Lake United Church, everyone was invited to attend the yearly gathering.

Also the Family Feasts were held o­n the same day, pictures were taken, for more information go to


Christmas Family Feasts in Deer Lake

Family feasts were held in Deer Lake with a total of nine families holding the feasts and everyone was invited to partake in these special events.  

The feasts began at 9:00 pm and everyone began at their respective families before going out to the other feasts to celebrate and share in the holiday spirit.

There was plenty of food and happiness to share and everyone had a great time in this holiday tradition.


Christmas Bingo in Deer Lake

On December 23rd to the early morning hours of December 24th, Deer Lake Chief and Council sponsored a televised Christmas bingo with many prizes to be won.  This has become an annual event and overall community participation has been great.  For more information o­n the bingo results go to the Deer Lake web site @ and click o­n "Local News".


Deer Lake Community Web Stite

The Deer Lake community web site has now been posted and is ready for public viewing. The site address is

A lot of work has been put into developing the community site, I hope you all enjoy it and watch out for future updates, as various pages within the site are still under construction.


A Special Thanks to Everyone in Deer Lake

Our Mother, Palidia Meekis was taken from us o­n September 8, 2001, and for such a special person, we decided something very special should be done for her, and because of her love for singing, music, and church, we decided we should host a Memorial Gospel Jamboree and Feast in her Honour, so this is a belated thank you to all people who made our day even more special.

I would just like to take this time to thank everyone that helped me and our family with My Mothers memorial  which was o­n September 8, 2002. Which we had held a successful event in Deer lake, which we had called, Palidia Meekis Memorial Gospel Jamboree 2002, which was held o­n September 7 and 8th, and was broadcasted o­n Wawatay during that time.

We would like to thank the following people who helped us so much during our fundrasing and trying to reach our goal for our Mother's special day.

First of all to all members of the Full Gospel Church, who my parents cared for so dearly, they had helped us alot during that time. To Lucy Chapman, Steve and Ernest Meekis, for organizing and helping with the feast, you did alot. Amos Rae and all Penetecostal Church members. And to all the cooks and ladies that cleaned, to the people that helped with the tent and the tables. To Deer Lake First Nations, Chief and Council,  Deer Lake Northern Store, Neechi's Store (Chief Royal and Stella Meekis), Springhill Lumber, Wawakepewin First Nations, Cat lake First Nations, and all people in Deer lake who contributed generously towards our Special Day.  To all people that had tried to come from different communities and did not come, we did know the weather was not agreeable. And to all people who came to sing, you were all so great. Thank you.

To all people of the Deer Lake First Nations, thank you for all your help, we made our day such a successful event, maybe we can make next year even better,,,,,God Bless you All.

Sorry if I missed anyone, there were so many,,,,,