Morley Meekis 3rd Memorial Feast

On Saturday April 5, 2003 at 6:00 pm, we held a feast in Deer Lake to honour my father's memory.  It has been three years since he went to heaven.  He remains much in our memory of course.  Here is a litte something:

Say Again

If I could live one day again,
I know the one I'd choose.
It'd be the last day I saw my dad,
And I'd say again, "I Love You."
I'd wrap my arms around him,
And pray to God above,
To hold him in His loving arms,
And shower him in His love.
I'd also pray and let God know,
How thankful I have been,
To have had that man as my dad,
And how proud I am of him.
He faced his fate with a mighty strength.
You don't see in many men.
He stood tall and never failed,
To hold us up instead.
One of the saddest things on earth
Is to hear that someone's passed.
And finally go to heaven above,
To see God's face at last.
If I could live one day again,
I know the one I'd choose.
It'd be the day I said, "Good Bye"
And said again, "I Love You."

The family of the late Morley Meekis would like to thank the following for their donations and their help:

  • Deer Lake Northern Store
  • Grandma (Delia Kakegamic) We love you very much!
  • Deer Lake First Nation - for flying our groceries in
  • Deer Lake Children's Centre
  • Zack and Kanina Meekis
  • Barry and Angel Meekis
  • Steve Meekis
  • Christina Kakegamic
  • and all the people that did the cooking.  Thank you very much and god bless!!