A Special Thanks to Everyone in Deer Lake

Our Mother, Palidia Meekis was taken from us o­n September 8, 2001, and for such a special person, we decided something very special should be done for her, and because of her love for singing, music, and church, we decided we should host a Memorial Gospel Jamboree and Feast in her Honour, so this is a belated thank you to all people who made our day even more special.

I would just like to take this time to thank everyone that helped me and our family with My Mothers memorial  which was o­n September 8, 2002. Which we had held a successful event in Deer lake, which we had called, Palidia Meekis Memorial Gospel Jamboree 2002, which was held o­n September 7 and 8th, and was broadcasted o­n Wawatay during that time.

We would like to thank the following people who helped us so much during our fundrasing and trying to reach our goal for our Mother's special day.

First of all to all members of the Full Gospel Church, who my parents cared for so dearly, they had helped us alot during that time. To Lucy Chapman, Steve and Ernest Meekis, for organizing and helping with the feast, you did alot. Amos Rae and all Penetecostal Church members. And to all the cooks and ladies that cleaned, to the people that helped with the tent and the tables. To Deer Lake First Nations, Chief and Council,  Deer Lake Northern Store, Neechi's Store (Chief Royal and Stella Meekis), Springhill Lumber, Wawakepewin First Nations, Cat lake First Nations, and all people in Deer lake who contributed generously towards our Special Day.  To all people that had tried to come from different communities and did not come, we did know the weather was not agreeable. And to all people who came to sing, you were all so great. Thank you.

To all people of the Deer Lake First Nations, thank you for all your help, we made our day such a successful event, maybe we can make next year even better,,,,,God Bless you All.

Sorry if I missed anyone, there were so many,,,,,