Sending a big 'Thanks' to Pikangikum

There was a Co-ed Tournament held in our neighbouring reserve Pikangikum, Ontario on September 12-15, 2002. There were 10 teams playing for the: $1300.00 cash prize for 1st place $700.00 cash prize for 2nd place $500.00 cash prize for 3rd place The entry fee was $250.00 a team of 5 females and 4 males. Thanks to the Poplar Hill Band Office for paying our entry fee. We had to rush around on the Friday putting a team together because a couple of our players were backing out, with only 20 minutes until our plane landed(Wildcountry)...we called the radio asking for 3 females and 3 males to go, lucky for us we got a few calls so we left for the tournament, 3 ladies short. Thanks to Wildcountry for waiting for us at the airport the day we left, if they didn't wait we wouldn't have made it over to the tournament(smiles). When we arrived in Pikangikum the coordinators got 3 Pikangikum females to play for our team. So to thank our female players from Pikangikum: Samaria Suggashie, Tricia Strang and Betty Owen. Kiitchii Meegeetch!! On the Saturday 2 of our females players from Poplar Hill caught the noon flight to Pikangikum on Bearskin and flew over to play for our team. So we played the rest of the tournament with only one Pikangikum female, Betty Owen. Poplar Hill came home 1st place winners. Pikangikum Ninja Turtles came in 2nd. Pikangikum Terrorists came in 3rd. So...Thanks to the people who came to watch the games, the people who sold us food and drinks, and to the coordinators: Viola Pascal and Susan D. Strang who looked after our accommodations. Kiichii-Meegweetch!!