Keewaywin's Kuh-ke-nah Smart Project Planning Workshop - Day 2

Keewaywin's health unit started the workshop this morning (Nov 20) at the Keewaywin school gym. The Kuh-ke-nah Smart Program staff started off the workshop with opening remarks from Les Meekis. Ricardo then made a presentation to the Keewaywin health team on what technology can do to help implement the goals and expectations for the community. Les was on hand to help with the demonstrations. A spray diagram was created on a flip chart paper detailing what the community members felt is good health with ideas on how to get there (programs). The health staff were very enthusiastic and gave a lot of information about what they wanted to see. The KO First Nation Health Directors, attending a planning meeting in Balmertown, came on line via video at four in the afternoon. They were presented with the spray diagram on health. Lawrence Mason and Dorothy Kakepetum presented this information throughout the video conferencing session. That evening Jesse gave a demonstration on the many uses of the computer for graphics. One demonstrated superimposing one of the community member's head and attaching it to the body of different wrestlers. It was a fun night for the kids. Jesse also demonstrated how you can record your own demo cds. Community members were delighted to be included in the workshops. Also on hand were the refreshments, provided by the e-center and the Kuh-ke-nah workshop. See the pictures at Health Workshop Photo Gallery

Timberwolves Schedule

Pelican Falls Timberwolves Head to All Ontario Championships Sioux Lookout- As a result of the Timberwolves win in Manitouwadge last weekend the boys will now go on to the All Ontario Championships (OFSAA) to be held in Dorchester on November 23 & 24. The team will be traveling to Thunder Bay Wednesday (Nov. 21) from where they will be flying to Hamilton on West Jet. The boys will be attending a practice Thursday afternoon and a banquet that evening. The schedule for Friday is as follows: Game 1 9:00 A.M. PFFNHS V.S. Brampton Christian Academy Game 2 12:45 P.M. PFFNHS V.S. Manitoulin Secondary School Game 3 2:00 P.M. PFFNHS V.S. Lord Dorchester Secondary School The schedule for Saturday’s games will be set according to placing. The team will be returning from Dorchester on Sunday. We wish the Timberwolves the best of luck in Dorchester. The Timberwolves would like to thank their parents, Pelican Falls staff, students, and elders for their support, as well as the OPP (for their pep rally escort), the Lac Seul Cultural Committee for drumming, NNEC for their support, and everyone who has helped out in any way to make their trip to the All Ontario Championships possible.

Keewaywin Hosts first Kuh-ke-nah Community Strategic Planning Workshop

Today Keewaywin started their Community ICT Strategic Planning workshop as part of the Kuh-ke-nah Smart First Nations Demonstration Project workshop. These workshops are being coordinated by Les Meekis and will be happening in each Keewaytinook Okimakanak First Nation. On hand for the workshop from KO are Les Meekis, Lars Dixon, Jesse Fiddler and Dan Pellerin. Helen Aitkin and Ricardo Ramírez from Telecommons Development Group are here providing facilitation and training support for the workshop. The Keewaywin workshop started on Monday, Nov 19th. The first meeting was held at the e-center where all the staff discussed the format that they will follow over the next few days. Roles and responsibilities were clarified for everyone to make sure the workshop is successful. Monday's community meeting was planned for that evening. The community meeting was to inform the community members of the workshop agenda and to give everyone a chance to meet each other. The meeting started with Lorraine Kakegamic doing the opening prayers. Raymond Mason began the meeting by introducing the staff, members of the Smart team, and K-Net staff to the community members. Les Meekis then made some opening remarks about the Kuh-ke-nah workshop, explaning the workshop agenda and the format for the workshop. He discussed everything regarding the community services such as health, education and the local gov't/economic development and recapping upcoming events. Helen gave a demonstration using powerpoint slides to show the community the surveys that were done two years ago and again this year. These slides showed a dramatic difference over these two years in the changes in the use of technology in Keewaywin. Ricardo was also on hand to share in the discussion about some of this information. There were questions about the surveys and what the surveyers did to collect this data. They explained that Keewaywin and the other KO First Nations are like ambassadors to the other countries where they also work where many are just now beginning to explore the use of this technology as it becomes available worldwide. Dan made a presentation about the work that K-net is doing. He explained using a flipchart about the K-Net connections and how modems are used. He was very impressive and impressed a lot of people with the information about the upcoming cable hook ups to the houses. He estimated that this work should be completed in about five weeks or more. He also stessed that there will only be twenty modems available for the community through the project. That got a lot of people's attention with many already vying for one of the twenty modems that will be available. Raymond Mason asked Lorraine Kakegamic, the Education Director for the Keewaywin School. to close the community meeting with a prayer. Keewaywin's Kuh-ke-nah Smart First Nations Demonstration project workshop photos

Pelican Falls Timberwolves Bring Home The Gold

Pelican Falls Timberwolves Head to All Ontario Championships Sioux Lookout- The Pelican Falls senior boys volleyball team won silver in the NorWOSSAA playoffs held in Kenora on November 8 & 9. On Thursday, Nov. 8 the boys played Atikokan, the 2nd-ranked team in NorWOSSAA, and defeated them in three straight sets. “The team played an energetic, high-spirited game against Atikokan.” said coach Leon Peddle. Friday, Nov. 9, the team advanced to play Thomas Aquinas. Unfortunately they lost three straight against the top ranked team. “They played well and never gave up.” remarked coach Peddle. The Timberwolves then went on to represent NorWOSSAA at the NWOSSAA finals in Manitouwadge on November 16 & 17. The boys played Manitouwadge, the winners of the NSSAA division, beginning with a 7:00 P.M. game on Friday and one game on Saturday. The boys defeated Manitouwadge in two straight sets and brought home the gold. Stanley Fiddler said that he was very proud to be representing Pelican Falls at the NWOSSAA finals “because representing Pelican Falls, which is an all Native high school, is like representing my Native peers.” Team mate and captain Leon Fox agreed, adding “[to me] representing Pelican Falls First Nations High School is like representing all Nishnawbe people, and I am proud to be Nishnawbe.” As a result of their win in Manitouwadge the boys will now go on to the All Ontario Championships (OFSAA) to be held in Dorchester on November 23 & 24. The students and staff of Pelican Falls First Nations High School are very proud of the Timberwolves’ accomplishments this season. Congratulations to the Timberwolves: Leon Fox, Captain (Mishkeegogamang), Howard Moose, Assistant Captain (Poplar Hill), Stanley Fiddler (Keewaywin), Durrell Gray (Mishkeegogamang), Adam Kakepetum (Keewaywin), Jack Rae (North Spirit Lake), Zack Suggashie (Poplar Hill), Dennis Turtle (Poplar Hill), Mr. Leon Peddle, Coach, and Mrs. Monique Mousseau, Athletic Director.

Native Teacher Education Program (NTEP) LOGO Contest

LOGO Contest Win $500 !!

The Native Teacher Education Program (NTEP) is looking for talented, imaginative artists to submit entries for a logo contest. All submissions will be seriously considered. The winning logo will be used on letterhead and on all program promotional material.

Deadline - January 15, 2002

Please submit your entry on white 8 ½" x 11" paper to:

Brian Hawker NTEP Coordinator Northern Nishnawbe Education Council Box 1419, 21 King Street Sioux Lookout, ON P8T 1B9

This contest is open to anyone in Sioux Lookout District.

Questions? Call 737-2971, ext. 25 or
Toll Free: 1-877-636-0667, ext. 25

Pelican Falls got GOLD in NWOSSAA against Manitouwadge.

Pelican Falls defeated Manitouwadge in a 2-0 series, with both games going to five sets. Pelican Falls didn't give up when they were losing 2 sets in game 2 but they came back and won the next 2 sets. In the 5th set, with the sets tied at 2-2 they worked hard to win with a score of 15-9. They are now going to OFSAA which is taking place in London Ontario. They'll be leaving on Tuesday, November 20, 2001. Good luck T-wolves Team Members Leon Peddle - Coach Adam kakepetum - Sub Leon Fox - Captain Howard Moose - Assistant Captain Jack Rae - Sub Zachariah Suggashie - Setter Dennis Turtle - Power Stanley Fiddler - Power Durrell Grey - Middle

Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School News

-Thunder Bay- Students from the Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School were joined by a couple of young people from Brampton, Ontario. They provided an hour long program involving their testamonials, rock music (singing) and videos about choosing a Positive Life Style. The topics that were addressed by these young people dealt with racism and identity. Jessica Bighead, a DCMHS student, from Slate falls said, "The subject that spoke to me the most was, this one guy talking about the statistics on Aids, HIV, and the other types of diseases affecting young people today. The number of people affected by these diseases is lots." Students and staff gatherd at the Gym to hear this message, that spoke to some students (Including Me). It was kewl and great to be there. I almost didn't go because I thought they would only be doing a music theory... LET'S CHOOSE THE RIGHT TRACK WE'LL ALL MAKE IT!!! After the event was finshed Principle Kevin Sherlock, gave Norman Chapman an award for No Absences for the Month of October. Everyone at the Gym applauded... Well some were Shouting... Great Job Norman!!! Keep It Up...

Pelican Falls timberwolves (volleyball) are going to NWOSSAA

Pelican falls volleyball team came in second in norwossaa and they are off to NWOSSAA.

Deer Lake Businesses, Homes and Organizations get Broadband Connectivity

As part of the Kuh-ke-nah Network of Smart First Nations demonstration project, the Keewaytinook Okimakanak First Nations are constructing a local cable system to carry high speed data. Over the past few weeks, contractors working with Blair Electronics were in Deer Lake upgrading their existing cable system. The original Deer Lake cable system was built in 1999 for television service only but now it is also carrying high speed data (for data, video and voice services). This week, Keewaytinook Okimakanak staff (Adi Linden and Lars Dixon) travelled to Deer Lake to install the routers, switches, modems and video equipment required to complete the local community broadband network installation. While in Deer Lake, Adi and Lars worked with Oscar Meekis (Deer Lake's e-Centre Manager), Cory Meekis (Deer Lake's Computer Technician), Arlene Meekis (Deer Lake's Multi-Media Producer) and Sonya Nothing (Deer Lake's CAP worker) providing them with the training and support they require to install and support the use of the network, , install modems and support the various applications (health, education, local government, etc). Managing the local cable business (as it relates to the high speed data connections) is an important part of this development. Check out the pictures Adi took of the Deer Lake cable installation.

Keewaytinook Okimakanak staff meet with National Chief Matthew Coon Come

Keewaytinook Okimakanak issued a press release "USING BROADBAND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES AND SERVICES IN KEEWAYTINOOK OKIMAKANAK FIRST NATIONS" today during the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) press conference on Parliament Hill. The AFN released their proposal to establish a National First Nations Broadband Network along with their press release entitled "Assembly of First Nations joins Brian Tobin’s push for national high-speed communications network". After the press conference on Parliament Hill, the media and other participants were invited to attend a video conference session held at Telesat Canada’s office in Ottawa and Keewaytinook Okimakanak’s office in Balmertown. Pictures of this video conference are available.