Keewaywin's Kuh-ke-nah Smart Project Planning Workshop - Day 2

Keewaywin's health unit started the workshop this morning (Nov 20) at the Keewaywin school gym. The Kuh-ke-nah Smart Program staff started off the workshop with opening remarks from Les Meekis. Ricardo then made a presentation to the Keewaywin health team on what technology can do to help implement the goals and expectations for the community. Les was on hand to help with the demonstrations. A spray diagram was created on a flip chart paper detailing what the community members felt is good health with ideas on how to get there (programs). The health staff were very enthusiastic and gave a lot of information about what they wanted to see. The KO First Nation Health Directors, attending a planning meeting in Balmertown, came on line via video at four in the afternoon. They were presented with the spray diagram on health. Lawrence Mason and Dorothy Kakepetum presented this information throughout the video conferencing session. That evening Jesse gave a demonstration on the many uses of the computer for graphics. One demonstrated superimposing one of the community member's head and attaching it to the body of different wrestlers. It was a fun night for the kids. Jesse also demonstrated how you can record your own demo cds. Community members were delighted to be included in the workshops. Also on hand were the refreshments, provided by the e-center and the Kuh-ke-nah workshop. See the pictures at Health Workshop Photo Gallery