Keewaywin Partridge Hunting Contest

We had a partridge hunting contest this weekend in Keewaywin. Which was set up by David Fiddler and volunteers. We had two winners and a consolation winner. In the men's division Anthony Thompson won, the youths division Anthony Kakegamic and the consolation prize for the youth went to Timothy Kakegamic. There were no enteries for the women's division. Door prizes were awarded and fifty fifty draws. The judges for the contest were Lawrence Mason, Karen Kp, and Nancy Kp.. The judging and the gathering were done at the clinic. People who were there had a great time. Congratulations to the great partridge hunters.

KO Fitness Team takes First Place on 21 Day Challenge

The “KO” fitness team took first place on the 21 Day Challenge. The challenge organized by the Red Lake Community Centre had 13 teams consisting of 5 members per team. Each member was awarded two points for every 10 minutes of fitness activity over 21 days. The KO team of David Neegan (captain), Penny Carpenter, Orpah McKenzie, Lars Dixon and Cheryl Bechard edged runner-up team “Trimming the Pork” by 12.6 points. The key factor in KO’s victory over “Trimming the Pork” is Orpah’s fire wood expedition on Nungessor Road which allowed KO to over take top spot during the final week. Each KO team member received a water bottle holder, one month free membership to the Red Lake Community Centre, pencil and a zipper tag. Watch for the team pictures in the Red Lake District News. Congratulations to all that participated. The results are as follows: KO 382 Trimming the Pork 369.6 The Panthers 323.4 Jabajenapen 296.4 Deb’s Devils 291.2 RLMPS Teachers 291.2 Rob’s Rowdy’s 260.6 Wack - M 239 Sidder Boys 232.8 Pantheon 179.2 Heart Games 162.8 Golden Girls 161.6 The Fall Follies 0

Jesse and Angie Fiddler's Wedding - Oct 6, 2001

October 6 2001 is going to be remembered by many people for more reasons than it being Jesse and Angie's wedding day. Jesse and Angie invited family and friends to come together in Sioux Lookout to celebrate their wedding. Along with the beautiful fall, harvest theme for the wedding, the natural elements added a whole new meaning to beauty by providing this area with its first snowfall. Everyone had a great time enjoying the outdoor event. Pictures from the day are now available in the on-line photo gallery. SEE THE PICTURES

Keewaytinook Okimakanak presents at Emerging Technologies Conference

Keewaytinook Okimakanak staff completed three presentations in Thunder Bay during the week of October 1, 2001. The first presentation about the development of the Kuh-ke-nah Smart Demonstration was to the Board of Directors of 807NorthwestNetwork on Oct 2 during their annual planning meeting. On Oct 3, a similar presentation was planned for Contact North's Emerging Technologies Conference. The panel discussion on "Bringing High Speed Networks to Small and Remote Communities" resulted a short presentation describing the work Keewaytinook Okimakanak completed to date and the challenges for all small communities to prepare their business cases to become "smart". The original powerpoint presentation entitled 'From Potential to Practice' is available for everyone to review. As well, the National Broadband Task Force presentation was given on Oct. 4 by myself and Carl Seibel of Industry Canada's FedNor program.

Keewaywin community mourns the loss of a respected elder

Today the reserve of Keewaywin out of respect for our late elder has shut down its offices in the community. David Kakegamic was believed to be in his late nineties when illness took our elder at 5 am at Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital. He was one of the original elders that seeked Keewaywin reserve status. As a respected elder in our community we will miss his wisdom and advice. He is survived by five sons and three daughters and lots of grandchildren and great grandchildren. His sons, Solly Kakegamic is the Keewaywin Chief, and Silas Kakegamic is a Keewaywin Councillor. Goyce Kakegamic the Nan Deputy Grand Chief. Our hearts and prayers go to family and friends.

Planning for Winter Road

Just a reminder to start planning for this years winter road. If you need any assistance please contact myself or David Neegan @ 1-800-387-3740 mail accounts

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Deadline Date for CORDA and OAEDP, December 3/2001

The deadline date for this year's Canada Ontario Resource Development Agreement (CORDA) and Ontario Aboriginal Economic Development Program (OAEDP) is December 3/2001. Under CORDA, First Nations, band members, and Native organizations are eligible to apply for dollars to cover resource economic development activities (ie. fur harvesting, forestry, resource planning, etc..) The programs under OAEDP are: 1) Organizational Development ($15,000) 2) Economic Capicity Building ($25,000) 3) Business Development ($50,000) For more program information, please goto

Pikangikum Youth Challenge 2001

The organizing committee of this year's youth challenge is well on it's way to gear up for the tournament this year. This year's tournament marks our fourth year and previous champions have included our very own Ice Bear Warriors and a team from Sandy Lake. Every year the tournament accomodates eight teams and we would like to extend that to twelve teams if possible. The tournament will be heard on WRN (not final yet!) and will go in the week long festivities dedicated to the youth of Pikangikum. For more information on this tournament, please feel free to email, phone, or fax me. Thank You ph # (807) 773 5491 fax # (807) 773 5536

Youth Radio Launches in Sandy Lake First Nation

Sandy Lake Launches Youth Radio Program On Friday September 14, 2001, an eager group of volunteers spent two hours of their time from 9 to 11pm to relaunch the youth radio program. The purpose of the program is to entertain the young listening audience while addressing issues that affect their day to day lives such as; loss of language/culture, suicide, extreme boredom, drug abuse, the importance of education, alcoholism, healthy living, poverty, etc. The weekly radio show encourages as many youth to get involved in the programming and to have them talking directly to other youths over the air. The fun part to the show is the games such as; word scramble, word translation, trivia questions, and skits. Alex Fiddler, founder of the youth radio show says that, “Putting on the radio show requires a lot of preparation such as; script writing, finding sponsors for prizes, arranging the music, recruiting guests, and technical arrangements”. “We eventually want the youth to be trained in running their own radio shows and to serve as role models to their peers.” But first, a lot of work still needs to be done in terms of recruiting volunteers for the youth radio committee. “In the process we are creating a training program that will provide the youth with team building and leadership skills,” says Fiddler. The volunteers know very well what the youth are going through and what boredom can lead to, Ken Goodwin, a board member of the Wendamowin Radio Committee and youth radio program volunteer says “I use to hang around all night doing anything that excited me.” “I’m not proud of what I did, but I wished that there were positive things my friends and I could do back then.” “That’s what we’re trying to accomplish, to let the youth know that there are positive activities out there for them as long as they apply themselves.” Cheryl Meekis, another of the original facilitators for the program, says “We get an average 40 callers per show consisting of children, youth, and even parents. Knowing that we have a large listening audience gives us the boost needed to make the show even better.” In any case, it’s really exciting and rewarding to know that we may have played a positive impact in their young lives,” says Fiddler.