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Aboriginal Sport Circle host information sessions on the Aboriginal Coach Manual

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The Aboriginal Sport Circle is Canada’s national voice for Aboriginal sport, which brings together the interests of First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples. Established in 1995, the Aboriginal Sport Circle was created through a national consensus-building process, in response to the need for more accessible and equitable sport and recreation opportunities for Aboriginal peoples.

The Aboriginal Sport Circle is hosting information sessions on the Aboriginal Coach Manual

The Aboriginal Sport Circle will deliver training and educational workshops about the ACM to be presented to National Sport Organizations (NSO), Multi-Sport Organizations (MSO), Recreational Organizations, and other interested Aboriginal or non-Aboriginal organizations. READ MORE >>

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and about the Aboriginal Coaching Manual at

Pelican Falls High School Ladies Broomball Tournament invitation

Pelican Falls Ladies Broomball Tournament

March 3, 4

Entry Fee $200.00

contact Duane Ogemah 737-1283 work, 582-3908 home

Youth, Women and Men's hockey tournament planned for Sioux Lookout in April

A DISTRICT ( F.N. ) Hockey Tournament is scheduled for April 2 - 7th, 2007 at the Sioux Lookout Memorial Arena!

It has three ( 3 ) separate divisions, including

  • youth ( 16 - 24 years )
  • Girls / Womens( 16 and up ) hockey Division
  • Men's "elite"

In the mens hockey division is an "elite" division( junior and "AAA" calibre of play ) which has an open ice body checking!

The whole idea for this hockey tournament is attract a family atmosphere, and activities for the whole family ... men can sit in bleachers with their children and watch "MOM" play hockey! She scores!!!

Book a team now...visit our homepage at

More rules and regulations will be posted soon.

Thank you, and hope to see you all there!

Pelican Falls Centre hosting 3rd annual volleyball tournament

Pelican Falls 3rd Annual

Mixed Volleyball Tournament

3 guys 3 gals

Saturday, February 24th

$150.00 entry fee

contact Duane Ogemah 737-1283 work 582-3908 home

Northern First Nations hockey tournament in Sioux Lookout

Northern First Nations Hockey
2007 Hockey Tournament


7th Annual
Sioux Lookout Memorial Arena
Sioux Lookout, Ontario
March 12 - 18, 2007

First Teams to submit 50% deposit of the entry fee by Feb. 15, 2007 will be accepted

Final payment must be submitted by March 1, 2007

ENTRY FEE $2000.00

For more information, please contact:   

Margaret Kenequanash Cell: (807) 737-9796
   Fax: (807) 737-1208

A-side Champions $18000.00
Runners-up      12000.00
B-side  Champions     5000.00
Runners-up          4000.00
C-side  Champions      3000.00
Runners-up           2000.00

Committee Members:
Jack Mckay
Raymond Beardy
Sam Mamakwa

For further information check out the website:


Upcoming Pikangikum Hockey Tournament invites visiting teams

Pikangikum Men's Invitational Hockey Tournament

February 2, 3, 4 2007

10- 12 teams needed

entry fee

  • outside teams $800
  • local teams $900

Accommodations will be provided

Contact Van Keeper (H) 807 773 5129 (W) 773 5933

Rules will be faxed out to confirmed teams

Re-scheduled Youth Hockey Tournament in Sandy Lake

Sandy Lake First Nation Nation Presents:

Youth Invitational Hockey Tournament

March 1, 2, 3 & 4 , 2007

Eabametoong Fort Hope Ladies Broomball Tournament Jan 25-28,2007

Eabametoong Fort Hope Ladies Broomball Tournament

January 25-28 2007

@ Joseph Jacob Nate Memorial Arena Eabametoong First Nation.

Entry Fee $1000.00 requiring 50 % deposit or in full prior to schedule inclusion
deadline16th of January 2007

Maximum 16 Teams

Open-Status not required, Imports allowed

For more information call 1-807-242-7295 or leave a brief message with the Tournament's hosts e-mail addresses or

OPEN to Ladies Broomball Teams and to Bingo Players Everywhere!

3rd Annual Mishkeegogamang Ladies Broomball Tournament - Pickle Lake

3rd Annual Ladies Broomball Tournament

Pickle Lake Arena

February 16-18, 2006

Entry Fee $1500.00

1st Place    $8000.00

2nd Place  $2500.00

3rd Place  $1500.00

Prizes Based on 8 teams.    100% payout.

Contact Michael Bottle (807)928-2490/ 2837

Destani Skunk   (807)928-2881

10th Annual Thomas Ash Memorial Hockey Tournament - Pickle Lake

10th Annual Thomas Ash Memorial Hockey Tournament

Pickle Lake Arena

February 9-11, 2007

Entry Fee $1500.00

1st Place $8000.00

2nd Place $2500.00

3rd Place $1500.00

For more information contact
Michael Bottle (807)928-2490/2837