Aboriginal Sport Circle host information sessions on the Aboriginal Coach Manual

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The Aboriginal Sport Circle is Canada’s national voice for Aboriginal sport, which brings together the interests of First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples. Established in 1995, the Aboriginal Sport Circle was created through a national consensus-building process, in response to the need for more accessible and equitable sport and recreation opportunities for Aboriginal peoples.

The Aboriginal Sport Circle is hosting information sessions on the Aboriginal Coach Manual

The Aboriginal Sport Circle will deliver training and educational workshops about the ACM to be presented to National Sport Organizations (NSO), Multi-Sport Organizations (MSO), Recreational Organizations, and other interested Aboriginal or non-Aboriginal organizations. READ MORE >>

Read More about Coaching Development at http://aboriginalsportcircle.ca/main/coachingcertification.html

and about the Aboriginal Coaching Manual at http://aboriginalsportcircle.ca/main/acm.html