KiHS staff attend Ministry of Education Workshops

Darrin Potter, KiHS Principal, along with Freda Kenny, KiHS Vice-Principal attended ministry workshops in Thunder Bay during the week of September 22 to 26, 2003.

Darrin comments about the workshops included:

  • A very valuable and enjoyable experience with many worthwhile sessions that we were able to take part in.  
  • The administration training is always useful, but there were also others sessions such as literacy in the secondary classroom that will be useful for KiHS.
  • We learned about many strategies that can be used and over the course of the next few weeks, we will discuss how these can be incorporated into our program.  
  • The good thing about most of the sessions was that they were facilitated by teachers who are in the classroom now.

"One session on Thursday was on Classroom Management and the presenter did a great job in giving some realistic suggestions.  Mainly his approach has always been to be prepared for our classroom and this will make all the difference. When we anticipate what we want to see, and what can happen, we will be prepared."