Some sound advice on avoiding computer spam and viruses

Recommended listening .... CBC's Business Network had a short 2 minute radio column entitled "How to avoid spam scams". (Requires Real Audio to hear this clip. Click here to get the free player.)

Recommended reading ... If you are having problems with your email you can go to K-Net Help and look up the K-Net Email FAQ

The K-Net e-mail service is now facing a crisis that requires everyone's help. We need EVERYONE to empty their mail boxes of all these different spam and virus messages. There are now over 500 e-mail accounts that are "over quota". This means each of these accounts have over 50M of storage space being used and are no longer able to be used to send or receive messages unless these messages are either deleted or downloaded to your own computer.

One hint to delete messages is contained in the K-Net Email FAQ web site. I am over my quota but I am not allowed to delete any messages.

  • You need to turn off the use of your Trash bin.
  • Login to your email.
  • Go to "Options" then to "Folder Preferences"
  • Change "Trash Folder:" so that it is "Do Not Use Trash"
  • Click "Submit"
  • Now you should be able to delete any message and clean up your mail box

Using SHOW ALL and TOGGLE ALL are two mail features that will help speed up the process of doing this housekeeping.

K-Net is now being forced to begin deleting e-mail accounts that are not being used. This means that if you do not use your e-mail account then it will be deleted to help free up storage space. Of course, if your e-mail account is deleted then this will also remove your web site, if you have set up a personal homepage on ... so, the two messages are ...


Thanks for your help in making K-Net the best place to be on-line!!