Support and prayers for justice for the Kakegamic family of NSL and Fort Hope

The following appeal has gone out to all First Nations and their organizations to lend their support to the Kakegamic family of North Spirit Lake and Fort Hope. Check out the news coverage of the murder trial in Kenora by going to the links at the bottom of this story.


For the Kakegamic family of North Spirit Lake/Fort Hope

in Kenora for the criminal trial in the tragic death of Max Kakegamic in Oct. 2000.

Margaret and Isaac Kakegamic, Max’s parents, and his widow Karen have come to Kenora from North Spirit and Fort Hope at the request of the Victim/Witness office of the Ministry of the Attorney General for the duration of the trial by jury, which began Jan.13 and is expected to run until early March. So far the Victim/Witness Assistant Cheryl Horne has been the main support to the family, and others from Kenora have been stopping in once in awhile. The Kakegamics sit quietly every day at the back of the courtroom watching and listening. There is a noticeable absence of other First Nations people in the courtroom. They appreciate those who have dropped by or visited them, as this continues to be a challenging time in their lives.

Even though Mr. & Mrs. Kakegamic both attended residential schools here years ago (Cecilia Jeffery and St. Mary’s respectively), they don’t really know anyone in Kenora and are not familiar with resources we have to offer. They do not have a vehicle and get around by taxi. As well the Kakegamics have children with them - ages 2, 4, 11 – and two other family members to help with the kids. While the Kakegamics spend Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 4:30 at the courthouse, the children and their caregivers stay in the hotel room, with a lot of time and energy on their hands.


Attend court

(Main Floor, Courtroom #1, Kenora Courthouse, Water St.)

Our visible presence in the courtroom throughout the trial will give strength to the family and express our concern as a community in justice for Aboriginal people. The usual daily court schedule is Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with lunch from 1 to 2:15, but can vary.

Share resources

  • the family would probably enjoy being part of activities, community events, outings
  • they could use some extra support to help out with child care, laundry/clothing, books, toys, games for the children


Mary Alice Smith, Community Justice Project Coordinator or Lucy Percy, Secretary-Receptionist at Nechee Friendship Centre 468-5440; email:

Maybeline Hunter/Darrell Mandamin, criminal courtworkers 468-9657 (courthouse)

For More Information about this trial:

The Kenora Daily Miner and News is providing extensive coverage (daily, front page and editorials),