Telehealth Project Manager shares number of consults for the past week

I wanted to share the results of our best week ever: 12 consults in the KO Region!

1. Fort Severn - Dr. Debbie Basco saw 5 patients during a virtual clinic from C&W Hospital in Vancouver -- and effectively doubles monthly access to physician services for o­ntario's most remote community;

2. North Spirit Lake to Deer Lake: CTC/CHR does 2 spontaneous consults with Nursing staff

3. Poplar Hill - 3 telepsychiatry sessions

4. Menoyawin Hospital - 2 consults - o­ne internal medicine and o­ne paediatric

Keewaywin had no consults as the Coordinator was in Balmertown for clinical training.

A special thanks to Adi Linden and K-Net crew for riding the QOS o­n the Fort Severn connection during the doctor consults from Vancouver.

Fabulous to see the efforts of so many competent people make this system work so well!

John Rowlandson, KO Telehealth Project Manager