Women's Broomball Tournament Results

1st Annual Nish Women's Broomball Classic
Thunder Bay, O­ntario, October 11-14 2002

A-Side Championship

Waswanipi Northern Stars 3 - $8,000.00
Moose Factory Islanders 2 - $4,000.00

B-Side Championship

Nibinamik Native Stars 2 - $2,000.00
Fort William Wolverines 1- $1,000.00

C-Side Championship

Mishkeegogamang 2 - $500.00
Michikan Lake Starz 1- $250.00

Congratulations to all the winning and participating teams!!! Thank you to all players, coaches, and fans who attended.  

The tournament got off to a slow start with a few teams arriving late to Thunder Bay and missing their first game.  All in all, the crowds were very good and a lot of people came out to support the teams.  You could feel the excitement in the air as fans cheered o­n their teams.  

The following cost breakdown is for your information:  A total of $15,750. cash prizes were awarded along with $1,000. worth of trophies for the champs. A grand total of $16,750.00 went back to the teams. We depended o­n the door proceeds to off-set the costs of the tournament. We came up short but it was worth the cause for Nishnabe women in sports.

Thanks to our committee and volunteers for the long hours spent at the arena.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email us.  Meegwetch, Joanne Mamakeesic.  7th Generation Athletics Circle.  

P.S. See you all next year!!