OFNSTC Opens Annual Conference with Fort Severn participation

Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation's Annual Conference, "Tradition and Technology for a Better Tomorrow" was opened by Fort Severn Elder Elijah Stoney and Chief George Kakakespan joining the conference by video conference. Aut_0148.jpg Elder Elijah Stoney said a prayer for the gathering from the Fort Severn First Nation band office. Chief George Kakekaspan said a few words to the conference participants about the importance of these communication tools for his community.

Aut_0152.jpgWorking in partnership with Keewaytinook Okimakanak, Bell Canada and Adcom, OFNTSC Conference participants will be able to link with different Tribal Councils and First Nations that have access to video conferencing services during the trade show scheduled for Wednesday, Oct 9. A workshop session is also scheduled for Thursday to discuss the different issues surrounding developing and sustaining video conferencing connections in the different organizations and First Nations.

See additional pictures at http://photos.knet.ca/OFNTSC-conference