Sandy Lake Remembers 09/11

At 1:00pm Sandy Lake Community members and elders gathered at the gravel pit with the chief and council to reflected on what happened last September 11th. Some elders talked, others prayed. There were two flags flapping proudly in the air, a Canadian and an American flag. The community members lined up to touch the flags out of repect and as a form of a memorial for the people who perished in the 9/11 attack. Afterwards, we all stood in a circle to have a final prayer. It was a moment that was for the American people asking for God to stand with them, to comfort them. Then the people stayed for a weiner roast and shared stories and shared each others' company. As I was sitting there observing what was taking place a sense of God was there. He is everywhere, he is the all powerful, he is the one that will take care of this situation and his law and judgement are final. A thought came to my mind that we should always pray for the widows and the children that are left fatherless or motherless. That is also what is written in the bible. I was moved that our community being small still made time for a memorial of the 911 attack.