Poplar Hill Baseball Tournament

The Poplar Hill Tournament is now completed. It began on Thursday, August 22, 2002. There were four local teams, one team from Cat Lake, one team from Deer Lake and two teams from Paungassi. Three other teams planning to attend were not able to make the trip to Poplar Hill. The Winners were Poplar Hill WolfPac as the A-side Champs. Runner up was Paungassi team 1. B-side champs were Cat Lake with the runners up being the Paungassi team 2. Paungassi nearly did the same thing Poplar Hill did in the Deer Lake tournament where they won both A and B side. But after a shaky start both the Poplar Hill and Cat Lake teams prevailed and won their final games in their divisions. Even so, both the Paungassi teams played to the top of their games, giving the winners a good run for their money.