Leon Meekis Memorial Invitational Tournament

Deer Lake Sports and Recreation is hosting yet another invitational baseball tournament August 14-18, 2002. Travel Date: August 13, 2002 Scheduling Deadline: Monday, August 12 @ 3pm central time Entry Fee: $ 1000 outisde teams $ 1200 local teams Prizes will be determined later Rules and Regulations will given upon arrival Bring your own sleeping gear Accommodations will be provided NO DRUGS AND ALCOHOL ALLOWED IN DEER LAKE FIRST NATION For more information please contact Recreation & Sports: Zack Meekis (807)- 775-9259 Brad Meekis 775-9259 Andy M Meekis 775-9453 Beverly Kakegamik 775-9456 Delilah Quill 775-9312 Aretta Meekis 775-9364 Please note that you can contact them after 5pm You can also phone the band office during office hours at 807-775-2141 or 807-775-2100 and ask for Deer Lake Recreation or Cory J Meekis.